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My Easy 5-Minute Skincare Routine for Day and Night

I never really shared my day and night skincare routine, which takes a mere 5-minutes. I tailored the routine to my pure laziness and the fact that I’m usually traveling, so a quick 5-minute routine is perfect for on the plane, in the hotel, and when I’m running late or am exhausted and just want to go straight to bed. Seriously, it takes me longer to fill in my brows every morning, hah.

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6 Skincare Products That'll Change Your Skin

All of these products above replaced all my prior beauty go-to's from Tarte to Nars. I didn't realize that the things I was using before was making my skin worse, attributing to the problem and not resolving it. As soon as I threw out all the other items and started using just these 6 items, my skin started getting better. Of course, in addition to the resurfx treatments. The key to clear skin is to truly watch what you're putting on, along with what you're putting into your body as well but that's for another time.

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