Lisa always loved the written word—as a kid, she wanted to be a journalist. But working full-time while attending college shifted her plans, so after graduation, she entered the world of corporate PR and marketing instead. There was only one problem: She missed writing. So in 2014, Lisa decided to follow her heart, launching the fashion-centric blog By Lisa Linh.


After blogging about style, designers and trends for four years, she recently decided to shift her focus away from fashion and toward travel. “I realized that there are more things worth seeing than buying,” she explains. Now, her travel and lifestyle blog inspires others to discover the world and explore their passions.

Over the last few years, Lisa has had the opportunity to develop personal brand relationships and has worked with Hyatt, Marriott, Target, Dyson, Coach and others, while also providing consulting services with brands such as SUPRA Footwear.

With a background in e-commerce, PR and marketing, Lisa understands both sides of the industry and aims to be an inspiring influencer that encourages others to take that leap of faith to do what they're really passionate about. 



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