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Kimpton La Peer Hotel

La Peer is said to be the most luxurious of all the Kimpton hotels in the LA area, and after staying at the Everly earlier in the year, I was quite curious to compare the two. I loved the Everly and their design is still one of my favorites around town, however the moment you step into La Peer, you can see the immediate difference.

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Hotel Monaco Portland

Alongside our welcome tray was hand-written postcard from the front desk welcoming me. Sure, notes are standard for guests but this postcard also had little hand drawn graphics of all the places I visited on my last trip in Portland - places I blogged about in this post. I love when a hotel does their research and takes the time out to know who they are expecting, it shows that they really do care (and being a fan of my blog is a major plus!)

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Everly Hotel

Drive right up to the valet and allow them to open the door to your next getaway. The staff's friendly smiles and attentiveness will make you feel warm and welcomed as soon as you step onto the property. 

The distinctive door leading into the hotel will leave you in awe and worry that you actually open it incorrectly, or maybe that's just me. Just a few steps in and you'll reach the check-in counter, where a seamless process will occur and the next thing you know, you're in your room.

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Hotel Solamar

Located just a few blocks from Hotel Palomar, is Hotel Solamar, another Kimpton hotel and while the two are similar in name, you can immediately tell the difference upon stepping inside. 

I will have to admit that Solamar needs some interior updating within the rooms, however the lobby area is beautiful and the staff is quite welcoming.

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Hotel Palomar San Diego

Hidden behind the big wooden door is the entrance to Hotel Palomar in downtown San Diego. While it is within walking distance to a few favorited spots of the locals, it can be a bit deceiving to locate as it's wedged in the middle of the block. Make sure to look for the wooden door and the friendly valet guys in front so you don't miss it. (Note: valet is a 3rd party service and has a texting option to retrieve your car).

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