Hotel Palomar San Diego

He drove around a few times, circling the block as the GPS continued to tell him that he had arrived at his destination. Frustrated from the extra hour in traffic and starving, he turned to her and grumpily requested for her to look at the map. 
"You passed it," she replied as she went back to scrolling through her Instagram feed. He rolled his eyes and mumbled, of course. 
He grabbed the phone back, pulled over, and zoomed into his map. Just as he was about to locate the hotel, he heard a knock on the window and saw a valet guy smiling at home. He rolled the window down and nodded. 
"Hi sir, staying with us tonight?" the man responded. 
 "Is this the Palomar?" he asked.
"Yes, will you be joining us?" the man replied, still smiling.
"Finally! Yes, thank you." he sighed as he grabbed his bags and got out of the car.

Hidden behind the big wooden door is the entrance to Hotel Palomar in downtown San Diego. While it is within walking distance to a few favorited spots of the locals, it can be a bit deceiving to locate as it's wedged in the middle of the block. Make sure to look for the wooden door and the friendly valet guys in front so you don't miss it. (Note: valet is a 3rd party service and has a texting option to retrieve your car).

This Kimpton hotel certainly has surprises up its sleeves, from the views to the stark contrast between the lobby decor and the room's interior. While the lobby and restaurant onsite have wood accents and dimly lit areas, the room we received had a gorgeous city view with two balconies (yes two) and light grey interior. 

With every Kimpton hotel we've stayed at, the service has been consistently impeccable. Palomar was no exception as we received a sweet surprise, welcome text, and fast service when we phoned down for things such as slippers and an extra robe.

Note: I always need a pair of slippers whenever I'm at hotels and what better way to wind down then in a cozy robe right? 

We quickly unpacked and during this process I found out that the closet rod lights up, making it easier to see what you're looking at and especially is helpful when it's dark. I didn't even know these existed and am tempted to get some for my own closet now.


If the views from both balconies weren't already enough to woo me, the bathroom is probably my next favorite thing about the Palomar. A large spacious shower with two heads and gorgeous tiling.

The only complain I do have about the bathroom though is that the sink head is too low and I had a hard time sticking the iron underneath to fill it up with water. 


Now let's talk room service, quick and efficient and not to mention, super accommodating. I had a major craving for churros, but it was 9AM and desserts aren't available until after 11AM. I was able to sweet talk my way into getting coffee and churros by 10AM. I also told them I was there for a media stay and needed it for photo purposes, which was true. Slight abuse of my powers? Anything for the gram right.

My tummy was happy and satisfied, and I even left two pieces for KSOLE. You guys should be proud of me!


It was a little chilly during our stay, therefore we got the entire pool to ourself. Nothing too special about the pool area and the bar wasn't open when we were out there. I'm sure it gets cracking during the weekends when it's nice and sunny. 


Photography by KSOLE | Words by Lisa Linh

Kimpton is one hospitality brand that I can always count on when it comes to great service. Their hotels are not huge, but rather provide you with a sense of security and comfort wherever you stay. Hotel Palomar certainly had one of the best views in downtown San Diego (IMO) and I would gladly stay there over and over again. 

Thank you Hotel Palomar for having us! We'll see you soon.