3 Things You Must Do in Maui

"Please return to your seats and fasten your seat belts as we prepare for landing."

After a layover in San Francisco and five hours on the plane, without Internet and crying children, they were finally there.

"It's beautiful" she said, as she looked out the window of the plane and saw the beautiful island known as Maui.

"So what do you want to do first?" He asked her. 

She turned and replied back, "Everything."

1. Old Lahaina Luau

Type in luau in Yelp and you may find quite a few options, but if you want authenticity with an amazing view, good food, and memorable performances than may I suggest Old Lahaina Luau

From its humble beginnings in 1986, Old Lahaina Luau has quite the reputation and I can certainly see why. From the presentation to the performances, to the food, and the sunset view, this luau has set expectations for future ones. Yes, while this was my very first, it definitely has set the bar and did I mention that the coconut jelly dessert is to die for. I ate 5 of them and there were 6 served to our table - whoops.

My favorite thing about the Old Lahaina Luau was the storytelling. The performances went through the history of the island and the art of dancing. I also love how intimate the seating was, we had the perfect view and were placed with such lovely people that quickly became our friends for the remainder of the evening. 

I'm so glad we chose the Old Lahaina Luau and especially as my first luau. Be aware that they do sell out months in advance so get on it!

If you're up for a 6 hour (minimum) drive and really want to see the island, then I highly encourage you to rent a car and navigate yourself through the Road to Hana. It may sound scary to drive yourself through this but it is totally worth it.

We left at 7AM, filled up the gas tank, and bought a ton of snacks to keep us occupied until dinner time. We made several stops along the way, such as Twin Falls, Honomanu Bay, Upper Waikani Falls, Coconut Glen's, and the Pools of Ohe'o. While we were exhausted after the 10 hour trip (total with stops), we loved every moment of it. 

Make note that there's only one gas station on the road, half way through the drive and it is highly suggested that you fill up - regardless of how full your tank might be. Bring lots of water, bug spray, sunblock, and a change of shoes. Possibly clothes as well since I did slip and fall (nothing major), but I did get soaked after climbing down to get that epic shot near the waterfalls. Also, don't forget your camera!


3. Snorkeling at Molokini Island and Turtle Town

Sleep? What's that? You're in Maui, so get up and get to the dock at 6AM for an experience of a lifetime. If swimming with turtles is on your bucket list, then make sure you book your trip with Boss Frogs and get your Maui snorkel on. 

From snorkeling gear, breakfast, and lunch, Boss Frogs provides it all in addition to the option of renting wetsuits (highly recommended) and underwater cameras. I really regret not renting the cameras as seeing the turtles was beyond breathtaking. Speaking of which, these beautiful creatures are truly majestic so make sure you book the package that takes you to Turtle Town too.