The Mill House

It's a quick stroll through the plaza to locate The Mill House, tucked away in it's own corner. You'll notice an actual windmill to your left prior to arriving to the front of The Mill House

"Welcome to The Mill House, may I have the name the reservation is under?

The first thing you'll notice is the train in the dining area, this is actually being removed and placed into a museum in the coming months. However, if you catch it before they re-home, take a good look because that's the real deal and not a replica. The history of this restaurant is certainly worth listening to so be sure to ask your server about it. 

We started off the night with a few popular appetizers, but out of the 3 we ordered, my favorite was pork shank rillette. Yeah, I said the same thing, "what the hell is that?" Image a mousse like texture, filled with flavor every single bite, on the most delicious toasted baguette you ever had. Trust me, you have to get it or else you'll regret it. Second place was the fish crudo, but I also love crudo in general so I'm bias on that one. The last item we had as an appetizer was the kalibi beef, which we liked as well but by the end of dinner, we were so full that we could've skipped on this one. 

For entrees, get the fish! Sure, you've had fish so many different ways before but The Mill House way definitely blew us away. Both KSOLE and I loved that dish; I was secretly sad that I didn't listen to our waiter and had ordered the seafood cappellacci for myself. It wasn't bad, just a little too salt for me. 

We concluded our night with a s'more, a deconstructed version of it. I couldn't eat it, as I was too stuffed and I can't eat ice cream (lactose problems) - but KSOLE said that I was missing out. And if you're wondering what I mean by deconstructed, check the last photo below. Yep, that's a s'more. Nevertheless, I slept like baby from the food coma and can't wait to return the next time I'm on the island. 

Thank you The Mill House for having us. It was a great dinner and service was amazing. 

Pork Shank Rillette

Fish Crudo