Breakfast at Montage Kapalua Bay: Cane and Canoe

Welcome to the Montage Kapalua Bay miss. Go ahead and walk down the stairs, make a left, and enjoy Cane and Canoe.

Upon entering the walkway, you'll find a pond full of Koi fish to your right, and yes you can certainly feed them. They go nuts when you do and you might hit with little specks of water, so be warned. 

After walking through the gorgeous lobby, make sure to take a peek through the telescopes to see if you'll spot a whale. There is also a telescope for the little one if they want to find a whale too. 

The first thing you will notice about Cane and Canoe is the amazing architecture. From the ceiling to the decor, this place will take your breathe away. Not to mention the view and I don't just mean from the restaurant, but from every area of the property - but let's talk food first.

What we ordered:

  • granola parfait: agave sweetened yogurt in a pineapple - yes a real pineapple
  • avocado toast: you can add eggs!
  • local rice bowl: two eggs any style, fried rice with Portuguese sausage, bell peppers, and bacon 
  • loco moco: fried egg, kobe beef burger, brown gravy, white rice, and local mushrooms
  • buttermilk malasadas: the butter is so good

Everything we had was delicious, especially the malasadas! Of course the granola parfait is a must for photos and if you're looking for a good loco moco, KSOLE swears it's one of the best he has had. 

Note: Cane and Canoe is open for breakfast and dinner only. Even if you aren't too hungry, go for the ambience - but trust me, the food is good. 


Now that we've settled on the food, let's talk views and the rooms. May I suggest private suites with a spacious balcony, ocean view, and private elevator? The rates will actually surprise you as I found them rather cheap for what you get. Trust me, just click here to find out for yourself. 

I was really tempted to ask to move right in, well scheme up a plan to figure out how I could convince KSOLE to move to Maui in general. Who doesn't want to move to Maui though?

Def will be back soon!


Thank you Montage for hosting us!

Cardigan: Bobeau | Bodysuit: Spiritual Gangster | Shoes: Bellone Low Mid Heels by ALDO