Get Your Contacts Delivered with Simple Contacts

If there's ever been an app that has improved my lifestyle, this is it.

While I love my eye doctor and have been seeing her for years, I absolutely hate the drive. Los Angeles to Orange County can take over an hour with traffic, each way, which means I'm spending half my day just going to see my Ophthalmologist.

With Simple Contacts, I can now take a vision test and order prescription contacts in under 10 minutes - or less.

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Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa

Conveniently located right across from Fashion Island, the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa offers a relaxing getaway with live entertainment, family games, and a Starbucks located onsite. Not to mention easy access to Balboa Island and the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve. Although I highly recommend spending time on the hotel property itself and enjoy the sweeping ocean views, beautiful interior decor, and expansive marble bathrooms. 

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Kendall's Brasserie

Extend the night out or start it off with a French restaurant in Los Angeles, that's located right by the Music Center. Kendall's Brasserie is a gem that I just discovered and fell in love with, from the lively bartending staff to the high quality, consistent service given throughout the meal. It is my new recommended date night spot for those looking for a place that has excellent Instagrammable worthy entrees that is full of flavor.

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Aroha, New Zealand Cuisine

Located in Westlake Village is Aroha, a restaurant that flies the majority of their seafood and meats directly from New Zealand. Yes, it's that authentic and yes, it is extremely fresh and you can taste it. 

Chef Thomas was not only humble and welcoming, he was also very sweet in throughly explaining what each dish was and the process of creating such tasteful entrees. He also adjusted all dishes for my lactose intolerant self, which was much appreciated.

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Hotel Solamar

Located just a few blocks from Hotel Palomar, is Hotel Solamar, another Kimpton hotel and while the two are similar in name, you can immediately tell the difference upon stepping inside. 

I will have to admit that Solamar needs some interior updating within the rooms, however the lobby area is beautiful and the staff is quite welcoming.

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September is National Suicide Prevention Month: How You Can Help

Growing up, I've dealt with a lot of bullying and depression. Many of my friends also dealt with suicide, I know people who have tried to commit it, and I know of a few people who committed. I, myself, have contemplated suicide many times and have dealt with depression on and off. There isn't a real way to explain what you go through, what you're thinking at the time, but I remember the pain you feel. You zone out, nothing around you matters anymore, and you feel empty inside. I remember driving endlessly down PCH with my phone off, driving with no real direction and thinking, "what if I just slammed into a wall or drove off the side?

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My Fight Against Acne with DMH Aesthetics

I woke up one morning, walked into the bathroom and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked myself dead in the eyes and started crying. I grazed my right hand across my cheek, feeling the bumps underneath my skin, before moving my hand across my chin. Nothing but bumps. My smooth skin was no where to be found and in its place was redness, irritation, acne that had slowly taken over my face. I couldn't recognize myself anymore and the only thing I could rely on was the abusive amount of foundation to partially cover up this ugliness. I woke up every morning for the next three months, utterly depressed and in fear that this was permanent.

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