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My Easy 5-Minute Skincare Routine for Day and Night

I never really shared my day and night skincare routine, which takes a mere 5-minutes. I tailored the routine to my pure laziness and the fact that I’m usually traveling, so a quick 5-minute routine is perfect for on the plane, in the hotel, and when I’m running late or am exhausted and just want to go straight to bed. Seriously, it takes me longer to fill in my brows every morning, hah.

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His First Facial, Ever

If you don’t already know, OSEA is my favorite skincare brand and has been for the last two years. There is no other brand I trust more especially after battling cystic acne. Not only is OSEA located in California, they are also family own and is committed to non-toxic beauty by using only plant-based, vegan ingredients. You can literally just feel the difference with OSEA and as much as I rave about it, there is no better way to say it than to prove it. Therefore, I decided to treat KSOLE to his first ever facial and of course, it had to be with OSEA.

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