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Seoul Searching in Korea: A Film Photo Diary

A recap of my recent trip to Seoul, Korea through the lens of my Yashica T4 film camera. Film used - Portra400.

It was my first time in Korea and to be honest, Seoul never really intrigued me and I never once had an urge to visit this city. However, after this week long trip, I fell head over heels in love with Seoul and am itching to go back as soon as possible. From the culture to the people, to the food and the technological advances, I am now recommending everyone make a visit to Seoul any chance they get.

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5 Things to Do in Myeongdong (Seoul, Korea)

Known mainly for their shopping and street food, Myeongdong is always alive with tourist and locals roaming the streets in search of a good time. From cat cafes to beauty shops galore, there is literally something that will catch your eye as you walk around. While I spent less than 6 hours roaming Myeongdong, I did make it a point to do the following 5 things before I retired back to our hotel.

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Plan a Girls Trip to Ojai

Ojai is located about 83 miles from LA, roughly an hour and half drive. It’s an easy drive and from my place (in San Gabriel), the 210 is the freeway you take most of the way, which allows you to avoid a good amount of traffic. For the last 20 minutes of the drive, you get some breathtaking views as you wind up the mountainside. Just be on the lookout for bikers.

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Travel Guide: La Paz

Just 90 minutes outside of Cabo is a town that is such a hidden gem that I’m reluctant to really share it. However, to keep it to myself would be a shame as La Paz is a place that everyone should experience at least once. While Cabo is known for large resorts and a lively night scene, La Paz is the complete opposite and is best for those who want a real adventure.

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Travel Guide: Kauai

Kauai is the 4th largest island and is often called the Garden Island. Known for its beautiful rainforests, the Napali coast, Waimea Canyon, and 111 miles of coastline, Kauai has more accessible beaches than any of the other Hawaiian Islands. There are 8 major waterfalls on the island with Waipoo in Waimea Canyon being the highest, falling at 800 feet. If you’re looking for a place to disconnect, explore and spend the majority of the time outdoors, than look no further because Kauai is it.

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FinnAir’s Stopover Program

Long flights are never fun, especially if it’s over 6 hours (at least for me). Fortunately, if you are traveling to Europe with FinnAir, you have the option to give yourself a break with a Stopover in Finland. With available flights within the U.S. from San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, your next trip to Europe or Asia can be a lot less daunting with FinnAir's Stopover

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