Ojai's 32nd Annual Wine Festival


The Ojai Wine Festival returned for their 32nd year at Lake Casitas and while it was my first time attending, it won't be my last. 

KSOLE and I attended the 32nd Annual Wine Festival in Ojai on a beautiful Sunday afternoon on June 10th. While the festival was just four hours, it was enough to get you in the best mood for the remainder of your evening, and my tummy was quite happy by the end of it all.

We arrived at the festival an hour after it started and by then, everyone had already claimed the shaded spots around the festival so I do suggest arriving on-time/early. Parking was a breeze, as the lot was across the street and well organized. 

While there was a good crowd already forming, it took about another hour before I would say it got really crowded, but from the very moment you step onto the grounds, you feel the good vibes and happiness from everyone. You genuinely have a great time mingling with others, and with an endless supply of wine and beers, how could you not?

While it is a wine festival, there were plenty of beer selections as well ranging from LA favorites like Golden Road Brewery to higher end names such as Stella Artois. While the weather was beautiful, it also was hot so I was glad we had VIP wristbands, which granted us access to the tent area for shade. 

In addition to the relief from the heat, the VIP wristbands also gives you a selection of light bites including fresh sushi, ceviche, and other delicious options. Of course there are also snacks available to purchase for the general public, in addition to non-alcoholic refreshments. 

Side note: between you and I, I absolutely believe that the VIP ticket is worth it due to the tent, chairs and tables available for seating, and food alone. I always prefer paying more to be comfortable. 


In addition to the beverages and food, there were also free boat rides, which is a great way to end your end.

We had a great time at Ojai's 32nd annual wine festival and look forward to attending again next year. Thank you so much for having us!