3 Spots to Eat in Manhattan Beach

Growing up in Long Beach, I would frequently visit Manhattan Beach and stroll around the pier. It's been years since I've been back and I was grateful that during my Hyatt LAX stay that the hotel incorporated the city's culture during the trip. From riding a segway all day to a food tour that left me unbuttoning my jeans, Manhattan Beach is a great place to visit on any given day.

Brewco | 124 Manhattan Beach Blvd. 

Start off your evening with a wide selection of beers. The artwork, the vibes, and the people will give you a good buzz - on top of your beer.

Popular appetizers include the giant German pretzel, that's the size of your hand, and comes with their housemade spicy mustard sauce. This alone will make your tummy happy. In addition, don't forget the chips and dip, especially that guac. While we didn't sample any entrees, I will have to say that the overall consensus on the beer was that it was talk worthy and many of us plan on returning very soon.

Honestly, I was just eyeing the artwork the entire time and the unique light fixtures. This place has amazing aesthetics that kept me quite entertained during our stay. 

Rocki'n Fish | 120 Manhattan Beach Blvd

Located right next door to Brewco is Rock'n Fish. Now, they have several locations but you can't beat having the beach just within arm's reach.

The interior of Rock'n Fish is gorgeous and owner, Michael Zislis, loves interacting with the guests himself which puts a special touch during your visit. 

The light bites we had left us wanting more, especially the artichoke! I don't normally like artichoke but these were grilled perfectly. The ceviche is another favorite amongst the group as it was fresh and the chips paired perfectly with the fish. We had a great time and Michael was an extremely entertaining host. 

Now every time I see a Rock'n Fish, I always think of this wonderful experience. 

The Strand House | 117 Manhattan Beach Boulevard

*Note: As of July 31st, The Strand House is temporarily close due to a small fire that occurred. Please call prior to visiting to ensure they're open.

Our last stop of the day allowed us to enjoy a gorgeous sunset. We were seated right as the sun was going down and was it a magical sight to see. 

The ambiance of The Strand House is welcoming and despite the tables being relatively close to each other, we still felt intimate vibes and hardly even remembered that others were around us (until we got too loud - ha). 

The bread is fresh and you can smell it before it arrives to the table. Once on the table, be prepared to fight because it'll be devoured in seconds. The dinner menu offered several great selections and make sure you start off with the hamachi. My mouth is watering now thinking about it. 

For the entree, I had the scallops and it was perfectly cooked with all the right flavors. The chef was aware of my dairy allergy and took great precaution to adjust dishes as needed. I felt super special when I got to have 3 different flavors of gelato at the end of the night - all to myself. Sorry, but I don't share desserts! 

We ended up staying longer than expected because we were having too much fun and the food was so good. I certainly will be back soon. 


Photography by KSOLE

Thank you to all three restaurants for hosting us. It was certainly a great experience that'll I'll always remember.