5 Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

2 hours and 23 minutes away from Los Angeles is the gorgeous getaway you need. Leave the kids at home, take your significant others and/or a group of your closest friends, and just go. Don't worry, I won't tell your boss that you're not really sick.

There's quite a few things to do once you're in Cabo, the weather is usually nice so the beach is always a good idea. However, if you are like me and are usually starving once you land, I highly suggest you drop your bags off at the hotel and head to Maria Corona

1. Get Tacos at Maria Corona .. and a magic show

We asked around for the best brunch spots and Maria Corona ended up being the popular vote during our poll. We happen to dine on a Sunday morning, also known as their brunch buffet day. The colorful decor, helpful staff, and freshly made tamales, tacos, and juices were a hit with our tummies. We may have woken up groggy from a night out but Maria took care of us and we felt much better after brunch.

We were also entertained by a street magician who did the practical card tricks and disappearing items act. While the magic itself was not impressive, his hustle was (haha). Do what you gotta do to make that money.

P.S. According to Francis, Maria's is on his list for top 5 carnitas tacos he's ever had. Francis is pretty snobby when it comes to food so for him to say that means you truly have to check it out.

2. Hit the Road: ATVing / UTVing

If you're looking for an adventure, G-Force is the way to go. I found G-Force Adventures online, prior to our trip, and booked our tour before we left. Their reviews were great and I couldn't resist the combo package of 1 hour of UTV-ing and 1 hour of horseback riding. This combo was the best option for us as we had 3 passengers and we all wanted to stick together. Of course, that meant we had a UTV versus an ATV but for a first timer (like me), I felt safer driving the UTV (hah).

The package does include a pick-up and drop-off service at your hotel by G-Force, as well as safety equipment and a tour guide. They also provide lockers to hold your things while you're on the tour, although I would highly suggest keeping your sunglasses on you (some where) for the horseback riding portion. 

We spent an hour navigating our way through the desert, hitting a few bumps, but luckily I didn't hit anyone else. Sharp turns, uphills, and steep slopes were met with my heavy foot on the petal and both my passengers holding onto their seats. But nobody died so you can't say I was a terrible a driver :)

After the hour, we were led to the beach where a group of gorgeous horses awaited on.

3. Romantic Horseback Riding on the Beach

So, here's a little fun fact about me. Last summer, my anthem/theme song/favorite song ever was "Needed Me" by Rihanna. In the chorus, she talks about a white horse. I became obsessed with the idea of taking a photo on a white horse and thanks to G-Force, my dreams came true. The funny part is, they had no idea I wanted a white horse and the entire ride there, all my friends heard were, "I hope there's a white horse." See, if you want it badly, it happens ;)

As soon as we got to the beach, I literally shouted, "I WANT THE WHITE HORSE!" and jumped out of my UTV to go pet him. Safe to say my friends were embarrassed about how happy I got over a horse, hah.

The 1-hour horseback riding was on the beach and while it wasn't sunset yet, it was close enough and watching the waves while we rode was one of the best moments in my life. I've always wanted to ride a horse on the beach, and I am so glad I was able to do so with my best friends. 

4. Lover's Beach, Not Just for Lovers

Speaking of beaches, probably one of the most popular places to get a tan is on Lover's Beach. Lover's Beach is just a short boat ride away, in most cases, a tour is included so you can see the arches and nearby sea life. 

We recommend that you dock off in the main area and not get fooled by sketched out (and extremely aggressive) boaters on the side docks. We were on a schedule and had to be back from the beach at a certain time, so we only trusted the main area boaters for this case and they were prompt in picking us back up from Lover's Beach as promised. I can't say how the others work, but we didn't appreciate how hard they were trying to hassle us. 

We spent an hour and half on the beach, exploring and swimming. Everyone (but me) had fun with some lizards. They just aren't my jam so I avoided them. Some guy was walking around with them in his backpack and he lets you play with them, but expect to tip him. Oh, and those guys helping you on and off your boat at Lover's Beach are also aggressive when it comes to tipping. Just be aware.

Jo had his drone with him so we tested it out. Thanks to Jennifer, we got this little clip of us on Lover's Beach.

5. #VIEWS from Sunset Monalisa

Thank you Jo and Jade for the birthday dinner! 

Thank you Jo and Jade for the birthday dinner! 

After all the activities, we were ready to eat and Jo and Jade surprised me with dinner at Sunset Monalisa, one of the top restaurants in Cabo with an amazing skyline view.

This restaurant has the best service and while it's considered expensive in Cabo, it certainly wasn't above the norm for us LA'ers. $70/person for the Chef's tasting menu is not bad at all. We, however, wanted to choose what we wanted to devour and ended up ordering over 10 dishes between the 5 of us - starting with 6 appetizers. 

Highly recommend the seafood (oysters and tuna were my favorite) and their pastas were definitely fulfilling. Dessert was OK, but the birthday surprise they had for me at the end was perfect. I'm always down for chocolate shots!

We capped off the night with coffee and staring at the skyline across the water. 

Bonus: Club Hopping in Downtown (aka The Party District)

Alright, let's get down to it. You really came to Cabo to party your ass off right? Lucky for you, Squid Roe is has about two blocks full of clubs and bars for you to dance the night away. 

There's no cover charge, most of them don't even check ID's, but expect mostly EDM and house music all night unless you go to Crush. They seemed to be the only place that played hip-hop, but they are pretty small and can get really crowded fast. Either way, drinks are cheap, you probably won't remember half the night anyways so just have fun. Oh and don't dress up like you're going to Vegas - you'll definitely stand out.

Note: Safer in groups and if you have male friends with you. You'll also be asked several times while you walk around if you want some blow or in Francis's case, if you want to see girls (LOL).


Thank you Cabo for an amazing 29th birthday trip. Can't wait to go back! 

Photography by Jennifer Wu