3 Tips for Staying Organized

I initially posted this on my Instagram but realized how annoying it may be to look through an Instagram feed for a specific post. So, I'm posting it on the blog to make it search-friendly!

I'm currently balancing grad school and blogging full-time, and have been asked a few times how I handle it all. Truthfully, I'm still trying to find the right balance of both but for now, this is what's currently working for me. Take and adjust these tips as needed and above all, do what works for you.

1. Ask for help:

I’ve always been super independent but honestly, no one can do it ALL by themselves. I have amazing managers who help me with the blog side (emails, negotiations, project mgmt) and such a great support system to ensure I stay motivated and focused on school. My BF has been a big help in taking care of errands and household tasks for me, whenever I’m studying (and we don’t even live together 😍).

2. Write it down!

I use a Google calendar, desktop calendar, bullet journal and monthly agenda — a little excessive? Maybe. BUT writing things down helps me remember things so much more.

  • My Google calendar has all my school deadlines, blog project due dates, appt/events, birthday and bill reminders.

  • My desktop calendar and monthly agenda are exclusively for school - weekly assignments, deadlines, school/degree info.

  • My bullet journal is for everything from daily to-do lists, ideas and concepts for projects, venting sessions, etc.

3. Prioritize Your Time.

I use time blocks in my day-to-day. Basically scheduling specified time frames on my day for specified tasks. Example: 8AM-10AM is set aside for my morning routine (that’s how long I give myself to get what I need done before I move onto another task). It helps me so much in staying focused on one thing at a time.

These are just some tips that have helped me manage both grad school & the blog. Hopefully they help you too — and remember to adjust them to your own personal habits accordingly. Good luck!