Spago Beverly Hills

There are three key things I judge my restaurant experiences on:

1.     Quality of the food

2.     Customer service

3.     Atmosphere

Spago in Beverly Hills went above and beyond in all three categories, from the start of the meal to the end of the night.

So let’s start from the beginning, we got a warm welcome as soon as we stepped in by the hostess. I love a good greeting when I walk in and I think that first impressions set the tone for the rest of your evening. We had made reservations ahead of time for Spago (highly recommended to do so as they get pretty busy) and we specifically chose this restaurant due to their “California Tasting Menu” for Dine LA.

Note: Dine LA runs until July 28th, so make sure to snag your deal ASAP! Also, if you @SpagoBH on Instagram and post a photo tagging #WPdineLA #DineLA, you can win a $300 gift card to Spago!

We were seated in the cutest corner on the patio, by the fireplace and next to a heat lamp, which I totally utilized by the end of our meal. Now, I’ve been seated in corner tables at restaurants before and was worried that we’d go unnoticed whenever we need something – but that was far from the case during our meal. Spago has several runners, a full staff that includes 60 members that allocate their kitchen throughout the day, and at least two managers on-hand for any issues. With that being said, Spago does not believe in heat lamps. Everything is made fresh, as soon as you finish your last bite of your previous dish, a runner rushes to the kitchen to inform the staff that you’re ready for the next. Your food comes out fresh and ready to eat, every single time. We loved everything we ate, with each course being better than the last.

With quality taken care of, let’s talk customer service.

There was a small hiccup in which my dairy allergy wasn’t mentioned when the reservations were made, and Spago does require at least 24-48 hours notice for the chef to properly substitute the dishes. I completely understand this and know this is my bad on my end. While I didn’t get to enjoy the full experience of the Dine LA menu, KSOLE did. I ended up ordering off the regular menu, which consisted of 3-courses; the Dine LA menu has 8-courses. However, to ensure that I was always eating when KSOLE was, the chef and management decided to make a few exceptions and ended up providing a few dairy-free dishes off the Dine LA menu so that I did not feel left out. I loved that they were so caring and understanding, making adjustments to my courses.

If that wasn’t already enough, management invited KSOLE and I into the kitchen for a private tour. We met the chef, the staff, and got a close behind-the-scenes look at how everything works. I was truly amazed at the organization and how wonderfully nice everyone was, despite being so busy especially with Dine LA going on. On average, Spago tries hard to never say “no” for Dine LA reservations, but the kitchen can only handle so much. I believe the average is about 80-90 Dine LA reservations accepted per night (so book yours now).

Lastly, during our tour of the kitchen, we were also taken into the private dining areas where you can book your wedding, private parties, and special occasion events. You can fit about 120 people in the space and after seeing this space I definitely am considering it for a future engagement party. Unfortunately, I’ll need a bigger space for actual wedding reception thanks to KSOLE’s large family (LOL). The overall aesthetics of Spago is chic and classy, providing you a place you can stay for hours to catch up with friends. KSOLE and I had a 7:30PM reservation, arrived 10 minutes prior and didn’t leave until 10:30PM. We never were rushed once and were consistently checked up on the entire night.


Photography by KSOLE

Thank you so much to staff at Spago for an amazing night. It was a perfect end to the weekend and I cannot wait to return!