W Las Vegas

“Can I take the blindfold off now?” he asked, attempting to adjust the scarf that was covering his eyes.
She slapped his hand and replied, “No. We’re almost there.”

“Your driving is making me sick.” He pouted as they jerked forward.
The top was down, but it was blazing hot so he wasn’t in the best mood.
She had requested to drive once they reached Henderson, which he reluctantly agreed. Once she was in the driver seat, she blindfolded him and told him that where they were headed was a surprise.
She made a sharp right turn and announced that they had arrived.
“Finally,” he said as he lifted his blindfold and saw a huge W sign in front of them.
“This is where we’re staying but hurry up because we only have 30 minutes to get ready for Bruno Mars!” she exclaimed as she handed the keys to the Miata over to the valet staff and grabbed her bags.
He gleamed and kissed her, taking her bags off her hands while pulling his out of the trunk.
“Happy birthday!” she said, as they rushed towards the lobby to check-in.

The entrance to W Las Vegas is tricky and can be quite confusing because the hotel is in the same building as SLS. The valet and main entrance for the W is located on Paradise road, where you’ll see a sign pointing you to the valet (next to the back entrance of SLS).

While the two hotels share the same building, they are in fact very different from each other. In comparison, I found that the rooms at the W are bigger and more spacious while the SLS rooms allude to having more space when in actuality, the mirrors on the walls trick you into thinking that.

We had a gorgeous corner “Marvelous Studio Suite” with a king bed and a view of the pool below. The room had a hallway closet with ample space, an oversized bathroom with Bliss amenities, custom-crafted work desk and banquette.

While we didn’t have a chance to enjoy the Away Spa or the 24 hours fitness center, we did take advantage of in-room dining and had breakfast brought to us in the morning. If you prefer to dine out, there are several restaurants within the building that you can choose from including 800 Degree Neapolitan Pizzeria, Umami Burger, Cleo (my favorite), and Katsuya – just to name a few. See all restaurant listings here.

For nightlife, The Sayers Club has impromptu live performances and The Foundry is a live entertainment venue that funnels the energy of Las Vegas’ concert settings into an intimate space. The pool is also another option and depending on the weather, you might just want to stay in the water all day and night.

While the W Las Vegas is tucked away and towards the end of the strip, it is in fact a place I’d totally stay at again. I love the low-key vibes, overall aesthetics, free valet parking (because some hotels on the strip charge now), and the spacious rooms.


Words by Lisa Linh | Photography by KSOLE

Thank you W Las Vegas for having us. Can’t wait to return!