4 Tips to Fight Procrastination

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Details: Camp Collection tank and shorts

Kickin' myself to the curb - actually out of bed this morning, and fighting my heavy urge to procrastinate. After a weekend in Palm Springs, and for those who went to Coachella, you know this feeling I'm having at the moment. Can it just be Friday again?

Despite the ease of staying in bed, I do have deadlines for this week and the short turnaround times are forcing me to get up! After all, I have bills to pay and I'm sure you can relate.

So if you're struggling, like me, here are a few things you can try to get motivated this Monday.

1. Break It Down

Create a to-do list, write down your deadlines, and your timelines! Writing down what you need to do with designated time frames will keep you focus, on-track, and organized. It'll also make you feel better when you cross things you've finished from that list!

2. Change It Up

Get out of the house, go to your favorite coffee shop, and refresh yourself. Sometimes working elsewhere will motivate you more and help inspire you.

3. Talk It Out

Surround yourself with people who share the same passion and/or hang around those who inspire you. Being around likeminded individuals and those who are where you want to be, can really motivate you to get your ass to work. 

4. Breathe and Go

Take a step back, relax, and breathe. Just know that you will get through this, you got it babe! Whatever obstacles you have right now, shake it off and get going. Just do it! You'll feel a lot better, trust me. 

Now, get off your phone/laptop and get started! Happy Monday!