Learning to Love Yourself

About two years ago, I wrote a post in regards to insecurities. It was a post written with emotions, an indirect response to a rude comment I had received earlier that week. It was also a post that I did not think would resonate as well as it did.

Two years later and I'm still struggling with a few insecurities, after all, who really takes their own advice? While my mentality has strengthen and I don't let too much get to me, I cannot say that I'm 100% happy with myself. However, is anyone 100% satisfied and content with themselves at any given point or should we be continuously striving to do better? To better ourselves everyday?

I don't believe there is a right or wrong answer to that. What I can say (for myself), is that I am a never ending project.

Self confidence is a hard issue to tackle and as a blogger, our goal is to inspire others and to encourage you to love yourself. But, let's be real - there are some days where you will hate how you look, feel like you have nothing to wear, and you just want to hide away. I have to admit that I've felt like this more often lately due to a nasty acne break out on my face. I've honestly called myself ugly over and over again, while trying to conceal it with a ton of makeup. I've even have a way to take photos so that the right side of my face is never really showing. You've probably noticed it in my most recent Instagram photos. I've had a treatment done, along with a facial, and have been using acne products to combat it - but as of now, I'm losing this battle (and it seriously SUCKS guys). 

I would love to hide under the blankets until this acne clears, however, I would then be broke and unable to pay my bills. The reality is, if we all ran and hid from our problems, we would never be happy. The key is to focus on the bigger picture. More than likely, we're the only ones noticing and obsessing over our so-called flaws. It's easier said than done, especially with social media but likes and the number of followers does not define you.

We've become more and more obsessed over looks instead of substance. I am guilty of doing so as well, especially being a blogger. We fuss and stress over what to wear to events, who has seen us in what outfit already, and making sure we always look "picture perfect." Of course, FaceTune and Photoshop helps a lot and filters trick us into thinking that everyone looks fabulous on Instagram. I catch myself from time to time comparing myself to these Instagram photos and forget that it probably isn't even how they really look! Remember guys, you can't trust anything you see online anymore, lol. 

The point is, YOU are perfect the way you are. I am perfect - even with acne. It's hard to do, but wake up each morning and tell yourself that you are perfect, you love yourself, and that you are flawless. Beyonce does it and we all want to be like Queen Bey right? All jokes aside, don't let anyone rain on your parade or tell you otherwise, especially you. We continuously kick ourselves for our flaws but in reality, the little things that we may hate about ourselves are things that others love about you. 

Go ahead, tackle the day and slay!