Outgrowing Your Friends

As I creep closer to 30 (literally turning 28 tomorrow), I can't help but reflect back on the last few years. Plus Facebook enjoys throwing old photos and statuses of my past at me each time I log in so I can't help it. But as I was saying, it's always nice to reminisce on the "carefree days" where I used to stay out until 2AM and went to work at 6AM. All those wild days of my youth are now a mere memory. Although I'll occasionally drag myself out, I can fully admit that I much rather stay in and "Netflix and chill" (literally). So what happened to all those people I used to hang out with? Simple, we outgrew each other and moved on with our lives without bad vibes. 

As you grow older, your circle gets smaller and that's completely fine. Quality over quantity right? You will begin to realize that there's only so many people you can truly keep up with. 

Realistically, you'll have less time to socialize as you further establish yourself in the "adult world". Your marriage and family will become a top priority and/or your career. You won't see your besties as often but they'll understand because they'll most likely be going through the same thing. As for the other people who aren't your best friends, you'll do one of two things: you won't have time to keep up with them or you'll attempt to have annual catch up sessions. Either way, they'll start to fizzle and filter themselves away. 

Outgrowing a group of friends is never a bad thing and you should not feel guilty for losing touch with people. Not everyone you meet is meant to stay active in your life. They were there for you when the time was right and you'll always have those memories. It's OK to stray away, do you, and revert to being acquaintances with them again. We will grow up, grow old and change our interests as we go. Therefore, we might not have anything in common with them and late night conversations will turn into struggling small talk situations. 

So, to all those who walked into my life and have walked back out for whatever reason, thank you. Thank you for the memories, for the time spent, and for being there when the time was right. We may not be close anymore, but just know that I will always remember the good old days and those memories will never go away. 

[Details] Zara crop top, Forever 21 hat, Public Desire boots, Kylie and Kendall suede skirt (c/o PacSun), and Karen Kane coat.

Photos by @LovelyEmy