Hyatt Palm Springs

I've been anticipating this mini getaway for months and am truly sad that it's already over. Who knew 3 days can fly by so fast? I was invited to stay at the Hyatt Palm Springs from Thursday to Saturday and wow, I've never felt more like a queen at any other location. From the valet to the minute I walked into the lobby, I was greeted with friendly smiles and asked how I could be helped. The front desk staff was refreshing to speak with and the check-in process was a breeze!

I was situated on the 5th floor and had a balcony view of the golf course across the street. If you follow me on Snapchat (bylisalinh), you've already got a grand tour of my hotel room but if not, the photos are below for your viewing pleasure. 

I had a full living room, mini fridge, vanity area in the bathroom, tub, and a bedroom with a balcony. The room was clean, comfy, and extremely welcoming. I wish my apartment had this layout! I especially loved that the working space/desk was big enough to hold all my crap over the last few days. Despite being on a vacation, I worked at least 5-6 hours each day (answering emails, establishing and finalizing collaborations, editing photos, etc). One day I'll be able to really disconnect and enjoy a full vacation, but until then, the hustle goes on!

I met the general manager of the hotel during the evening, she's a total sweetheart and gave me some insights on their future plans for the hotel. Every Thursday night, HooDoo lounge has a live performance and there's an 8 block night market. Yes, 8 blocks! My heels weren't equipped so I went about half way before turning back but grabbed some delicious beef jerky, fudge brownies, found another Lucille Ball memorabilia to add to my collection, and met some great people.

After my adventure through the night market, I was treated to a delicious dinner at HooDoo. It's an outdoor bar located just outside of the Hyatt. The performers were extremely talented and I had so much fun. Sadly, I wasn't asked to get carded upon ordering my drink - I'm getting OLD guys! :( But anyways, I did enjoy my meal which included a lobster roll, sliders, skewers, and Buzzbars. If you know what Buzzballs are, imagine them in ice cream form and you're set. Yes, alcoholic ice cream and gelato bars! Only about 3% alcohol so don't get too excited but I loved it nonetheless. 

Upon returning to my room, I was greeted with a delicious cheese and fruit plate with wine to top off my night. The Hyatt really makes you feel special when you visit! By the way, this was just day one. I had the best sleep of my night and started day 2 with some exploring around town, major pool time, and a special collaboration shoot with Elena Bulatova. I also had some downtime on the patio to catch up on my favorite magazines and tunes on my Sudio Klang earphones. 

I also met with Celeste and was given a brief tour and further information on the Hyatt. Click on the photos below to check it out.

I'm bummed that I had to leave Saturday afternoon as the Hyatt was throwing a huge pool party and was having their first ever silent DJ party. Yes, just like in Vegas but 2 hours closer and probably less chaotic so make sure to check out the Hyatt the next time you want to party but don't want to drive 4 hours away!

I have some outfit posts to release from my Palm Springs stay but in the meantime, enjoy this video recap of my getaway. 

Big thanks to Hyatt and their entire staff/team for making this a wonderful trip that I'll always remember! Please follow them on Instagram for the latest events they have.