Santa Cruz Islands: Scorpion Anchorage

KSOLE and I were sent out to Scorpion Anchorage on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon last weekend by Island Packers. We both have not been out to Channel Islands yet and really did not know what to expect. We were told to bring food and water, as the island was literally a huge national park and beach, with no retail stores or any food places. So, we packed up a cooler, backpack filled with extra snacks, camera gear, and change of clothing and headed out for the two hour drive to Ventura County. We left the harbor and spent an hour on the sea, coming across dolphins and whales along the way. 

The photos below were captured on our iPhones and if you happen to follow either one of us, you have seen a few of these already :) If you don't follow us already, do it now (KSOLE and mine).

Once we landed, we were given a brief orientation to ensure we stayed safe and knew what to do in case of emergencies. KSOLE and I then wandered off on our own, through the camp sites and into the hills where we spent over two hours hiking through the island. 

During our hike, we had our ORB to keep us company. While I love peace and quiet, a two hour hike can get tiresome without upbeat music. With the Podigy Audio ORB, this thing can keep the party going anywhere. Connected via Bluetooth from your phone, you can store and stash this little guy wherever you go. 

For lunch, we had a picnic on the beach with Cheeky plates and silverware which made it super easy to pack and clean up. We enjoyed my favorite Cabo Chips and had refreshed ourselves with VOCO water. I made sure to pack my Sun Visor and brought all the necessities via Sturdy Brothers. I used both Sturdy Brothers pouches as traveling aides for the trip and plan on using them every time I travel for their durability and quality. 

I brought out my Mod 2 from This Is Ground, which has my planner, notepad, phone, headphones, and other daily necessities. I love how compact it is yet it holds everything I need! The color I selected is "bone" and it came with this executive insert (pictured below). There are also a Mod Mobile for iPhone 6 Plus and Mod Laptop! I'm itching to get the laptop one. 

The best thing about the Mod 2 is that it fits an iPad mini and each Mod is customizable. Inserts can be purchased separately and there's so many varieties that you'll certainly find one that suits your needs. This is Ground is based in Los Angeles and has several cool products that I'm lusting over. I def need their cord taco and their wallets are perfect for those on the go. 

KSOLE and I left the island around 4 the same day, shortly after we ate. The ride back was peaceful and we had such a great time. Thank you so much Island Packers for sending us!