Mistakes I've Made in 2015

To move forward, you must let go of the past. So before 2016 begins, I want to own up to the things I've done this year. After all, we all make mistakes and we're only human right? 

I was inspired to write this post from listening to Chris Brown's latest album. It was specifically the song, "Blow It In The Wind", that triggered my thoughts about letting go of the bullshit and negativity. By the way, his album is totally worth the $12.99 (on iTunes) and I've been listening to it every day for the last week. I was not paid to say that, by the way (hah). 


"So blow it in the wind, all that bullshit, we gon' let it ride"

  • Being too nice & trusting people too easily: I think everyone can relate to this one. My goal this year was to make new friends and strengthen continued relationships. While I did reach my goal, it came with some downfalls and consequences. Needless to say, be careful who you trust and as Elizabeth said, "sleep with one-eye open." While I made some new friends this year, I am also proud that I started the year with a strong circle of friends and am ending it with the same ones. Love you guys!

  • Overbooking: Attempting to be in 10 places in one day is exhausting! I stacked up my schedule in the last few months, giving myself 30 minutes to get from Hollywood to DTLA - during rush hour. I also did a lot of back and forth driving, which racked up the amount I spent on gas. I sometimes had to cancel meetings and skip events (the day of) after realizing I wouldn't make it on-time. I am definitely going to try to schedule smarter for the upcoming year!

  • Saying "yes" all the time: This goes with the first mistake mentioned but specifically agreeing to accept projects and collaborations all the time. I've learned to be more selective in the brands I work with and to really analyze if they fit my brand prior to accepting. Falling behind and running late on deadlines looks worse than denying a gig. After all, it can potentially hold you back from a larger project.

  • Not taking enough risks: This is something we ALL have to work. I'm still scared of heights and have yet to face my fear of roller coasters (hah). The biggest risk I took was quitting my job in April to pursue blogging full-time, however I have a list of things that I'm still fearful of doing (i.e vlogging) that I aim to work on. Speaking of which, check out my new Youtube channel!

  • Lack of time management: It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized that I was allocating my time in all the wrong places. I was publishing daily posts and exhausting myself, in an attempt to create new content way too often. The end result was too much to read and see, which can be totally overwhelming to my audience (and to me). I have major plans for refocusing the blog, Instagram, and with the creation of my Youtube channel, you'll be seeing a lot of new projects for 2016!


So there it is, my top mistakes of this year. They aren't scandalous or crazy, but they are things that I do regret and am working on. Self improvement is a process of growing up and being able to realize what's wrong is the first step to change. 

Stay tuned for a related post regarding misconceptions of blogging/bloggers! Knocking down what people think we do versus what we really do.  

[Details] ASOS striped pants, Zara crop top, Issara crossbody, Seduire lashes, and Lulu*s heels.