You're Too Skinny

One of the most common misconceptions about people who are "skinny" is that we don't eat, we have an eating disorder and that we're unhealthy. I was recently reminded by a fellow classmate about how much society judges you. In this case, I was responding to a class discussion and explaining why I was unable to meet my nutrition goals of adding more carbs and protein into my diet and the struggle to include more physical activity. A classmate replied back saying that I have an eating disorder and that I obviously don't take my health seriously since I wasn't trying hard enough. Naturally I was offended, vented to my best friends and boyfriend and proceeded to write a sarcastic Facebook status about the incident.

While I got some hilarious responses from my friends (the best one was "worst pick-up line"), I started thinking about how little things have changed over the years. People still make quick assumptions, judge and gawk at one another to only make negative conclusions without getting to know the other person. Body image issues are much more predominant in today's society with Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. People can argue that fashion bloggers also play a role, "telling" people how to dress and look. Someone even made a comment to me saying that "all bloggers are tall and skinny." First off, no - we are not and secondly, it is not our intention to tell you how to do anything. We blog outfit ideas and provide inspirations to encourage you to show off your own personal style. I personally scroll through Blogger and roam around at least 30 minutes each day, looking through different blogs. In fact, if you have a blog - I want to see it so leave it in the comments below!

I may still be bitter about the classmate's comment and yes, it is silly to let such a minor thing bother me but I realize this - how many readers know me anyways? How many people who flip through my Instagram actually click to the blog and more importantly, how many of us take the time to read the "About Me" page? In a world of fast-paced living, high speed internet, 6-second Vine videos and lack of face-to-face interaction (Facetime doesn't count), what options do we really have right? 

So let me start over and introduce myself to you again:
My name is Lisa Linh. I'm a full-time social media and public relations coordinator for a lingerie manufacturer based in L.A. Yes, I work 40-hours a week while attending school part-time for my nursing requisites. I plan on enrolling into an accelerated BSN program by the end of next year. After work, I am either studying, writing blog posts, shooting my looks for the blog, cleaning my apartment, running errands or at a fashion event. I also have a wonderful, patient boyfriend who I also spend quality time with throughout the week.

I have an annual Disneyland pass and speed walking through both parks is my type of exercise. I sometimes hike and wish I had more time to, but the reality is that I'm juggling a lot already and will have to sacrifice things here and there to reach my goals. I have a fast metabolism, which runs in my family and I have no control over. I am not anorexic or bulimic or have any trouble eating. I love to eat specifically at buffets! My favorite is Bacchanal in Las Vegas. However, with my schedule it can be hard to remember to eat when you're busy crossing things off your to-do list and meeting deadlines.

In fact, I have plenty of body image insecurities. The number one thing I wish I had were boobs! Yeah I can get plastic surgery but I'm a wimp plus I can't afford it. But instead of focusing on what I'm lacking, I rather emphasize on what I do love about myself and I want to encourage everyone to do the same. LOVE YOURSELF. Love your curves, your petite frame, the freckles on your face, your long torso and every birth mark that makes you unique. What's the point of uploading shit to our social media accounts if it isn't to make us feel good. Don't do it to be Instagram famous. Do it for you, not the likes or the compliments because all that shit doesn't matter. What you see in yourself and how you feel is what's important.

If you made it to the bottom of this blog post, THANK YOU. I know it was long and filled with me bitching excessively but I really hope you got something from this. You're beautiful, you're loved and you are perfect "just the way you are" - says Bruno Mars.

Photographer: KSOLE