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Sunset Villas by Monarch Luxury Villas

The last family trip I had was during my teenage years and I think it was one of those tours from LA to Yosemite, on a bus filled with other families. I didn’t have the best time and I never wanted to go on another trip after that, however with my nephew turning 1, I knew I had to celebrate in a big way. Our family dynamics have shifted after his arrival and we are much closer now than in the last decade, so it was the perfect opportunity to go to one of my favorite cities for the weekend, San Diego. Luckily, I was able to partner up with Monarch Luxury Villas to ensure this family trip would be a success —and it was!

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Why Creatives Should Use PeerSpace

For some of us, the lighting in our apartment isn't great or the space just isn't big enough. The interior may not match the mood or vibe we want for the campaign we're working on and sometimes, we just need a place to knock a couple of looks all at once. 

If you're a brand, especially lifestyle or fashion, PeerSpace makes it a cinch to plan out your lookbooks and campaigns. Knock it all out in one day with PeerSpace.

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