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How I Became A Full-Time Blogger

My path to where I am today was never linear; I had no idea what I wanted to do and I dipped in and out of industries left and right, trying to figure myself out. My road was filled with potholes, dead ends, twist and turns. I stalled, I broke down, I required a lot of maintenance and even today, I still have times where I need to pull over and readjust myself — but guess what? That’s OK. We’re human, so we’re meant to explore especially in our 20’s and even in our 30’s, it’s OK to change lanes. You should never stay in a place that feels forced and makes you unhappy. There’s no limit to how many times you can restart.

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30 Things I Learned at 30

Despite what many may think, turning 30 is not scary. In fact, I was overjoyed at turning 30 and I know it may sound weird, but I felt a new energy settle into my life this past year. I didn’t care about what people thought as much, I wasn’t tolerating any bullshit anymore, and through a handful of life lessons, I had a better realization of who I am and what I want my future to look like. As they say, “30 is the new 20”, and I truly believe that my life has just started.

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