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New York Eats (Weekend Round-Up)

I’ve only been to NY for work so I was due for an actual trip back, and what better excuse than to go celebrate my sister’s birthday? Since it was freezing, we spent most of our time keeping warm in coffee shops and eating almost every hour.

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My 3 Favorite Cafés in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese coffee, you either love it or hate it, depending on if you think it's too strong. I had my first sip at age 8 and have never looked back. However, I don't need coffee to "survive" as I'm pretty much immune to caffeine at this point. Instead, I consider my morning cup, my mid-day coffee breaks, and after dinner lattes a way to relax and unwind. The smell of coffee just makes me happier, which is probably why my boyfriend always asks if I want coffee when I'm being a bitch (hah).

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