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The Best Day Date For Him & Her

Had a long day at the office? Exhausted from working on back to back on projects, been on trips for so long that you come back completely burnt out? Need a day just to yourself and your significant other? Sure, you can go to dinner and/or head to the beach for some fun in the sun, but if you're really looking for the best way to unwind, I suggest spending the day at the Montage in Beverly Hills.

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Things You Shouldn't Do Before Leaving The Country

This is going to be my longest flight to date and the first time I'm visiting Asia. I'm excited, nervous, and paranoid at the same time, although the paranoia only started after my parents kept telling me stories about people getting kidnapped and/or getting really sick from the food they've eaten while in Asia. Anyone else's parents like to scare the shit out of you before you travel? 

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September is National Suicide Prevention Month: How You Can Help

Growing up, I've dealt with a lot of bullying and depression. Many of my friends also dealt with suicide, I know people who have tried to commit it, and I know of a few people who committed. I, myself, have contemplated suicide many times and have dealt with depression on and off. There isn't a real way to explain what you go through, what you're thinking at the time, but I remember the pain you feel. You zone out, nothing around you matters anymore, and you feel empty inside. I remember driving endlessly down PCH with my phone off, driving with no real direction and thinking, "what if I just slammed into a wall or drove off the side?

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