L’Occitane Gift Guide: Holiday 2018


When choosing a gift for someone you love, why not select a gift that keeps on giving?


The holiday season is upon us again, although I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that time flew by so quickly. This year has been filled with so many amazing first experiences, from traveling to Spain and Finland to celebrating my nephew’s first birthday. Did I mention that I’m a first-time aunt? It’s been an interesting transition as I find myself asking what kind of world will my nephew be growing up in?

I’m not going to lie; I worry for my nephew and what his future will look like. However, I can say that I am proud that this year’s focus nationwide has been on sustainability from the push of using plastic straws to being held accountable for environmental waste to the exposure and talks about our Earth. After all, we control our future and how we treat our world and ourselves, is going to affect the future generations after us.

This is why this year I have decided to give gifts that give you more than just a smile on someone’s face. I’ve partnered up with L’OCCITANE to give gift sets to my loved ones that support sustainability efforts, vision, and give women opportunity.

Founded by Olivier Baussan over 40 years ago, L’OCCITANE captures the true art de vivre of Provence, combining natural beauty, fragrance, and lifestyle of the South of France. L’OCCITANE is not only a name that is recognizable and loved, but their commitment for a better future is one I can get aboard with. By purchasing a holiday gift set, such as the Fragrant Lavender Collection or Invigorating Verbena Treasures, you are giving hope for a sustainable future.

I know I want my nephew to grow up to see the world as I do, to be able to travel, to have the chance to see lavender fields, Almond trees, and how beautiful nature truly is. Protecting and preserving our environments is L’OCCITANE’s commitment, but it should be all our duties to help them in any way we can. Plus, these gift sets smell bomb dot com and I absolutely love their Lavender hand cream.


The Gift Sets

Fragrant Lavender Collection: Runaway to the lavender fields of the South of France with relaxing scents from the Lavender Collection. By supporting local farmers, L’OCCITANE helps to preserve Provence’s lavender heritage.

Set includes: Lavender foaming bath, lavender perfumed sachet, lavender hand cream, Bonne Mere lavender body soap, lavender cleansing hand wash, lavender body lotion

Invigorating Verbena Treasures: Explore a true piece of Provence with Organic Verbena’s refreshing scent, transporting you and your loved ones on a one-way olfactory trip to the markets of southern France. L’OCCITANE producer’s harvest and dry organic verbena leaves on the same day to preserve the finest aroma.

Set includes: Verbena Eau de Toilette, Verbena shower gel, Verbena body lotion, cooling hand cream gel, and Verbena extra-gentle soap.


Gift sets are ready-to-go so even if you are shopping last minute, you don’t have to worry about wrapping it up! Talk about a win-win.

L’OCCITANE products are available in over 200+ boutiques throughout the U.S., but to save yourself the drive, click through my Shop the Post widget to find what you need and check out with ease.