The Landsby Hotel

The Landsby | 1576 Mission Drive , Solvang, California, 93463

It's one of the newest boutique hotels in town and it will take your breathe away while confusing you at the same damn time. 

Located within Solvang, The Landsby stands out above the rest with their innovative design and chic interior. The one word that best describes this place? #GOALS. However, if you compare this place to the rest of Little Denmark, you may wonder how it fits in. The answer: it doesn't and that's why I love it.

From the lighting to the decor, you won't be able to resist snapping photos. With 41 stylish rooms, a Pinterest worthy lobby, full bar, and restaurant, this hotel screams Instagrammable! Of course, it doesn't hurt that the staff is extremely helpful and sweet, and that all the bathrooms are updated. Oh and free wi-fi plus complimentary breakfast every morning at Mad & Vin

We spent three days in the Tower King Suite, which is a loft style room complete with a full living room, fire place, two TV's, a mini bar, a bathroom and a half (one upstairs and one downstairs), a gigantic bath tub, and amazing artwork by Rachel Brown. The Landsby definitely know how to make a place aesthetically appealing while providing overall comfort with attention to detail. If I had a loft, this is exactly how it would look. In fact, can I just move in Landsby?

With all that I mentioned above, it is no wonder that The Landsby is rated #2 out of 10 on TripAdvisor. This is a must stay if you're in Solvang and they're currently expanding to add more suites and a patio/backyard by this summer, which means I need to make a trip back! 

Thank you The Landsby for hosting us, we will be back soon!

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall

Photography by Jennifer Wu