Take A Malibu Safari and Meet Stanley

Pants:  ASOS  | Bodysuit:  BooHoo

Pants: ASOS | Bodysuit: BooHoo

It was a gorgeous afternoon, the rain has just ended the day before, and for once, there was no traffic to Malibu. 

She had a long night before so she fell asleep during the drive. She woke up just as he was parking the car and realized she had knocked out for the last 45 minutes. She blushed, slightly embarrassed but he didn't mind. He opened her door and the two headed to check-in.

"Welcome to Malibu Wine Safari, may I have your name?"

After checking in, the two had a bit of time to kill so they browsed the store, playing with souvenirs and he ended up purchasing a safari hat. At the strike of 2:30PM, they loaded up into a truck with 10 other people and got on their way.

The tour started off with a petting zoo visit where they fed alpacas, petted the gorgeous horses, and kept their fingers away from the zebras. After the fun, they headed to a beautiful viewpoint to try their first half of wine, all whites, with the prosecco being her favorite.

After taking in the view, the group headed back into the truck and drove towards their next stop - Stanley the Giraffe

He was a sight to see, standing tall, patiently waiting for the tour group to feed him. She grabbed a few pieces of lettuce and held it up high, as instructed. Stanley swiftly ate the pieces within seconds, making her laugh with delight. He was up next, but told her to stay with Stanley so that the two can get a photo together. It was a moment they will not forget, as they smiled at one another. 

Stanley was left with lots of love and the tour moved onto their final stop, and their last half of wine tasting. With crackers and delicious dips, they ended the tour with a brief history of the property and a reminder to kindly tip their driver and tour guide. 

As the sun began to set, the two headed back to the car and prayed that the 5PM traffic was not going to be that bad. She looked at him as he drove down PCH, smiled, and looked out towards the ocean and realized how lucky she was to be in love with her best friend.