Good to See You Again, Catalina

Just a boat ride away is Santa Catalina Island, one of my favorite getaways. It's been two years since I last visited, but it is just how I remembered it - filled with friendly faces, delicious food, and breathtaking views. 

KSOLE and I stayed overnight, disconnecting from LA and reconnecting with the island's landscape. It was our third time visiting and with each trip, we learn and do something new. Follow along as I relive our stay at Santa Catalina.


//  D A Y   O N E

We docked from Long Beach on the Catalina Express. Not to sound prissy, but I can only ride in the commodore lounge (top floor) as I sometimes get sea sick and the higher up I am, the better. Also, they serve complimentary beverages and snacks, which is a plus.

Once we arrived, KSOLE and I checked into the Aurora Hotel & Spa. The room had a gorgeous ocean view and offered complimentary breakfast in the morning.

After freshening up, we met up with our tour guide for Taste of Catalina Food Tour. The walking tour takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and give you an opportunity to learn about the history of the island while trying out the local restaurants. We visited 6 restaurants total, alternating between sweet and savory tastings, with drinks included. I had to stop drinking about the 3rd spot, as I was getting buzzed (hah). 

The Taste of Catalina Food Tour is a total must and well worth it, as we were completely stuffed after the 6 restaurant stops. We were so full that we pushed dinner back an extra hour. I highly recommend doing this on your first day on the island so you can plan out where you want to return/eat at later on. 

After the tour, KSOLE and I retreated back to our hotel room, took some hotel and outfit photos then took a much needed nap.

We ended our first night with dinner at the fanciest restaurant on the island, Avalon Grille. The decor, ambience, and mood of the restaurant is pretty intimate. The service was amazing and the chef was super sweet. He sent out a few unexpected surprises throughout the meal, including a rabbit entree. To be completely honest, I couldn't eat it - as I had a pet rabbit when I was younger so I psyched myself out staring at it. KSOLE, on the other hand, tried it and said it wasn't too bad. We ended our 3-course meal with a dessert plate, another surprise from the chef. 

Needless to say, we had a food coma after and retreated back to the hotel to call it a night.


// D A Y   T W O

We started our second and final day on the island with a quick breakfast downstairs at the Aurora hotel. Unfortunately, our parasailing experience was canceled due to weather conditions, as it was raining on and off that day. Instead, we walked around the island and explored, taking photos, and enjoying the brief moment of sunshine that occurred.

It was a nice way to end the trip, stopping by Metropole Cafe for lunch and played a few games at the arcade before we boarded back onto the Catalina Express

Thank you Catalina Express for having us back again. We had an amazing time (as usual) and cannot wait for our next trip!