Don't Make These 3 Mistakes During an Outdoor Wedding

L'Agence Black Wrap Maxi Skirt Cotton On Tank Top Forever 21 Heels By Lisa Linh
L'Agence Black Wrap Maxi Skirt Cotton On Tank Top Forever 21 Heels By Lisa Linh
Blonde Hair By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
L'Agence Maxi Skirt By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh

[Details] L'Agence wrap maxi skirt, Cotton On top, and Sam Edelman Patti heels.

Cotton On Halter Top By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
Cotton On By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh

Happy Monday!

It's officially Summer in LA and we've been feeling it since Thursday? This triple digit heat wave we've been experiencing these last few days have made it extremely hard to wear anything but a crop top and shorts. Thankfully, I'll be flying out to Seattle this week and enjoying a change in scenery.

Due to the fact that I'm already melting, and it's barely 10AM. I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet with 3 things I learned from this weekend's wedding attendance. 

Note: The outfit shown in this post was NOT the outfit I wore to the wedding, but rather what I wish I wore instead! Below is the actual dress I wore (from BooHoo)

What I actually wore to the wedding: BooHoo dress and Steve Madden heels

What I actually wore to the wedding: BooHoo dress and Steve Madden heels

First off, I attended a gorgeous wedding on Saturday and had the best time. Congrats #TophnMarj! It was the funnest wedding I've ever been to and with KSOLE djing, the music was on point and my decision to wear heels was immediately regrettable after the 2nd song. 

Mistake #1: Wear pointy heels to an outdoor reception (that's mostly on grass).

As much as I tried my best to walk lightly, there were times during the wedding where I sank into the grass - even when I was sitting down. Also, my heels weren't the most comfortable pair I had but was the only one that matched my dress so yes, I was in pain halfway through the night. Totally regretted wearing them! So, make sure you wear flats, sandals, or wedges guys! Your feet will thank you later. 

The wedding was held in the hills and believe it or not, this is only the 2nd wedding I've attended that's outdoors. Therefore, I did not arrive prepared. I also didn't have time to properly shop so I ended up wearing a 3/4th sleeve hi-low maxi dress in 95+ degree weather. The reception started at 4PM, the sun was still out, and I was sweating to the max!

Mistake #2: Lack of outfit options

What made it worse was that I didn't try the dress ahead of time, therefore I didn't realize how deep the V-cut was in the front. I had to end up wearing a slip underneath which added an extra layer. You can bet that I was sweating! I even had to spread out my arms a bit throughout the ceremony in fear that my armpits would get so sweaty and show through the dress, lol. Always have more than one option ladies! You never know what will go wrong the day of.

Mistake #3: Not protecting yourself against the sun

Lastly, sunblock and sunglasses. Two of the easiest things not to forget, yet I forgot them anyways. Although, I didn't get a bad suntan or sunburn, but KSOLE did. With the heat we get, I need to make sure to always put on sunblock before leaving the house. Also, I was being lazy and didn't want to carry my sunglasses around. Certainly will bring it the next time though! 

Hope everyone in SoCal stays cool and remember to take care of the fur babies too! They feel the heat just like you do ;)