San Francisco Weekend Guide

The first time I visited SF was on a tour bus, which toured us into Solvang, SF, and Yosemite (not exactly in that order). I vaguely remember the trip, as I was 12, and I believe most of the trip was spent arguing with my mother. 

15 years later and I finally had the chance to revisit San Francisco! Talk about long overdue and I hope it doesn't take another 15 years for me to return. 

KSOLE and I decided to take a drive up north, teaming up with Chevy and their Equinox for the weekend. While driving at 7PM on a Friday night wasn't exactly ideal, the drive back home from SF to LA was absolutely breathtaking. Aside from the extra hours we had to put in for the scenic route, the drive was worth it and the Equinox was the perfect car for it. For someone who was never fond of SUV's, this one certainly changed my mind. 

We arrived to SF around midnight and checked into our home for the weekend, the Kensington Park Hotel. Our room had a great view of Union Square, which was right across the way, and Mr. Holmes Bakery. Very rare do pastries impress me but Mr. Holmes Bakery is a must when you're in SF. Trust me, you will not regret it and get there early! We went both mornings since it was just a 15-minute walk from the hotel. 

Since it's been quite awhile since my last visit to the bay, KSOLE and I decided to do tourist things all weekend.

Here's a list of places we went to see and where we ate:

Tony's Pizza Napoletana was absolutely delicious and a must if you're craving pizza. Although they also have amazing appetizers including mussels and fried string beans! Their cocktails and beer list will make you automatically happy while their pricing won't make you broke. 

For the best view of the city, go to Twin Peaks - but be careful with any valuables in the car as the cops were heavily patrolling and warning tourists of car break-in's. Watching the sunset with your best friends or S.O. here is definitely amazing. 

Oh and if you're craving seafood, specifically oysters, make sure you go to Hog Island Oyster Co. Trust me, they're a bit pricey but so worth it. I'm drooling as I'm writing this and I forgot to take any decent photos but they're featured in the video above!

SF was a blast and the next time I return, I hope to see more than just the tourist areas! I really would love to visit the hole in the wall restaurants, bars, and Chinatown (because I didn't get to this time). Thank you SF for showing me a wonderful time!

P.S. Stay tuned for the next post featuring the looks I shot along the way home in Monterey and Big Sur!