JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

Marriott Desert Springs Suite Balcony View by Lisa Linh
Marriott Desert Springs Balcony View by Lisa Linh

The theme of running away and wanting to get away is predominant today on all social media feeds. While most are allured by the idea of fleeing to Canada, may I suggest a closer getaway in the desert in the meantime while you get your passport situated?

This past weekend, my hotel expectations were elevated and I was continuously surprised throughout the day by the staff and management of JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa. From the moment you drive into valet to the view from our balcony of our suite, my previous ideas of the Marriott were thrown out the window. 

With only a 2-hour drive from LA, here are 3 reasons why the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa should be your next getaway.

1. You Won't Get Bored Because This Place is Huge

I was surprised by the amount of land this place had, not to mention the extension of the hotel itself. There are properties you can own, yes people have their homes built on the Marriott property and get access to housekeeping, amenities of the property, and room service. Now that I know that's an option, I just need about half a million to get a piece of this place (hah). There are also time shares on the property and not to mention that the hotel itself has over 1,000 people staffed to keep this place running smoothly. 

If you're hungry, you certainly have options as there are about 4 major restaurants and 2-3 smaller cafes. Feel free to shop as well, as the resort has a few places you can spend hours at. Not to mention treating yourself to their spa, which have amazing spa suites with private backyards you can spend the day at. They do everything at the spa, from blowouts to a mani/pedi. Go ahead and treat yourself!

Golfing is a favorite for many and take a sunset ride around their lake, on a boat, and learn about the history of the resort. There's a fitness center so go work it out. Oh and they're also acknowledged as a bird sanctuary and you'll find black swans and flamingos roaming freely. 

Needless to say, there's always something to do. 

2. You'll Feel Refreshed and Relaxed Afterwards

I mean, if the spa doesn't help you feel better, there's cabanas by the pool and you can always escape back into your room. 

Each room has a flat-screen TV, deluxe bedding, a mini-fridge, and gorgeous bathroom. We stayed in the signature view-oasis pool room which had 2 balconies and way more space than we needed - but loved. Let me tell you, it was hard getting up the next morning and we wanted to stay longer than the weekend. It was just so perfect! 

Not only is the property itself gorgeous and amazing, so is the staff. The number one thing I look for when it comes to stays is how you get treated. We were greeted every single time we walked through the lobby, housekeeping made sure we had all we needed, room service was fast and on-time, and the front desk was so helpful. Talk about a dream team. Can I hire them for By Lisa Linh?

Nothing is more relaxing than knowing that you don't have to worry about a single thing!

Marriott Desert Springs TRIANGL Bikini by Lisa Linh
TRIANGL Bikini by Lisa Linh

3. You Won't Starve

I always, always book a hotel based on room service capabilities and what restaurants are on the property.

Let's be honest, when I travel, I'm usually working at the same time which means late nights and early mornings. It also means that I'm occasionally short on time and will need something close to eat. This is also probably the first time in months that I didn't Postmate something to my hotel room (lol). 

With 4 restaurants and small cafes located throughout the resort, I had plenty to choose from. For dinner, we went with Mikado. I was craving sushi and at Mikado, you get a show and dinner so why not? Yes, you can say it's similar to Benihana's but way better! Our chef, Scotty, was hilarious and had me laughing all night. Our dinner mates were all so nice and we had a great time chatting away. The staff and management were super sweet to have given us a surprise cake for our anniversary! On top of that, when we arrived back to our hotel room that night, we were surprised with champagne and chocolate strawberries. Talk about stellar hospitality! How can I stay anywhere else now Marriott?

To the staff, management, ION, and all those who we encountered during our getaway - thank you. This has been, hands down, one of the best weekend getaways we've gone this year and we cannot wait to return! 

P.S. Men, if you want to impress your woman - go here. Also, it's close to Coachella so book it! ;)