4 Ways to Wind Down with the HP x360

With the start of a new job, I've been extremely busy and am still recovering from our Vegas trade show. It's no secret that as you get older, your body starts to slow down. Therefore, breaks are mandatory and taking some time for yourself is essential in surviving. 

I've teamed up with HP and Meghan Trainor to share the 4 things that I do to relax. The versatility of the x360 has complimented all my activities thus far and I must say that I didn't expect this laptop to be this cool. With 4 positions, you can literally take this laptop anywhere and every where as it'll be the only thing you'll need. Check out the quick intro video KSOLE created down below (remember to click on "HD" for the best resolution): 

Now that you've been introduced, let's get into the 4 ways I wind down. 

1. Getting Fresh Air
Have you ever felt like you needed some fresh air? Especially being indoors for 8 hours (at the office). In SoCal, we're truly blessed with great weather and so I try to take advantage of it as much as I can. Unfortunately, I don't have a front porch or patio as I live in an apartment complex but KSOLE does! Working in tablet mode is perfect for an outdoor setting and yes, the keyboard pops up on the screen. 

2. Coffee Break
So bloggers and coffee, obvious right? I love finding low-key coffee spots to work at, especially around LA. A good cup of coffee will certainly help me get my creative juices flowing. It also gives me an excuse to meet up and catch up with friends (aka procrastinate). 

3. Movie Night
Well, movies and TV shows to be exact - with a box of my favorite cookies! Going out to the theaters can get pricy and who really wants to drive anywhere after sitting in traffic after work? Flip over the x360 and the tent mode makes it easy for viewing. I love grabbing my favorite snacks, drink and cuddling up with the boyfriend. Simple and completely stress free. 

4. Cooking
I'm not much of a cook and am still learning, but I do enjoy occasionally whipping up one of KSOLE's favorite meals. The HP x360 has a stand mode which is great for looking at recipes while you're in the kitchen. I think I'll learn a few more new dishes since it's so easy to reference the recipe now! 

With 4 ways to use the x360, there are endless possibilities. I'm excited to see what else I can do but even more eager to follow Meghan Trainor's #ThatBassTour with HP. Make sure to follow HP as they tour with Meghan and guess what? They'll be providing some behind the scenes clips for the fans so check out their website for all that good stuff. 

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by HP, however all opinions/content/photos are of my own.