Princess Cruises: Cabo

5 days on a cruise to Cabo wasn't bad at all and with Affiniti Cruise Travel taking care of us, it was an smooth experience with nothing to stress over. I do have to disclaim that this trip was sponsored by Affiniti Cruise Travel and not Princess Cruises. However, the boat was a sight to see and definitely fun to be on. Even our room was bigger than expected and the service provided was excellent. The only complaint I did have was the amount of children onboard, which they said was about 500, and it was due to the Thanksgiving break. I don't mind children but they took over all the pools on the ship and the "adult only" pool was in the shade, so it was too cold to dip in. In fact, no one used that pool the entire time we were on that boat.

It was my very first time on a cruise and my first time in Cabo. In an effort to pack lightly, I actually under packed for the trip and had to borrow clothes from KSOLE, hah. Our cabin was spacious and yes, we ate a lot! I'll miss the delicious deserts but I am definitely taking a break from steak for awhile. Overall, we had a great time but are happy to be back home and I certainly do not miss the motion sickness!

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