Wanderlust with Panasonic

Disappearing from reality doesn't necessarily mean you have to fly away to a foreign country. Taking short breaks throughout the day to soak up the sun can be as easy as turning left. Take a detour from your normal drive home or roam the area around your office, you'll never know what you'll find. 

KSOLE and I found little field area on our way to the Venice Canals. We immediately pulled over and turned on the emergency lights. We actually had people drive by, slowly, gawking out their window at us (haha). Rest assured, we were not blocking traffic and I do suggest to always safely park when doing spontaneous stops. 

In collaboration with Panasonic, I took these ear buds out with me during our drive. It just so happens that they match the color of my Lulu*s cape dress. Now I'm going to be honest, I don't really like ear buds because they never stay in my ears. However, Panasonic nailed it with these! Totally tuning out KSOLE now and not to mention, those noisy kids on the airplane. 

Speaking of airplanes, I'm in the mist of planning for NYFW but before I get too caught up, I just want to remind everyone that I am running a 5-day birthday giveaway on my Instagram right now! So make sure you're following me ;) Can't believe I'm turning 28 soon! Ah.

[Details] Lulu*s dress, Steve Madden heels, Dogeared Jewelry necklace, and Panasonic ear buds. 

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