Lisa Linh

Rachel Off Duty

The influencer / content creator space is one that is continuously changing, continuously evolving, and continuously growing – and because of that, it's enormously challenging to navigate. Lisa is someone I've admired throughout the years not only for her killer content but also her work ethic and transparency when it comes to her willingness to help others navigate both the influencer space, and career-chasing in general, whether it's related to content creation or not. Being able to work with Lisa one-on-one to help map out my vision for my blog and brand has been instrumental in helping me focus, pursue, and execute on my ideas. She's an inspiration and a genuine person both on and off screen, and I recommend her endlessly whenever I reference creators who are killing the game. 

Rachel, Founder of Rachel Off Duty

Lisa Linh
Lisa Linh

Thida Kol

Lisa Linh and her team was very professional and gave us personalized branding strategy that brought our company to the next level. As a new small business, it is so important to establish great content and brand direction before it’s too late, Lisa knew exactly what we needed. With Lisa Linh’s professional guidance, we were able to gain results right away. She provided a list of hashtags that brought our images to the top post! With her monthly consulting, our website became more visually appealing, and our social media has gained so much attention. Lisa is very fast and good at what she does, we were very impressed at how fast she was able to plan our posts for the entire month! Our social media became more organized and provided a clear aesthetic. It was nice to have that ease in mind that all of the posts were scheduled ahead of time and all we needed to do was to post them at the time they were scheduled. The posts were quality and were scheduled at a time that brought us more likes, comments and followers. Lisa has been extremely supportive and we feel very positive about the future of Blush Elegance. We are very satisfied with the service and would highly recommend! 


Thida Kol, Owner of Blush Elegance

Lisa Linh
Lisa Linh

Mary Vallarta

Lisa is a pleasure to work with for 4 reasons.

Number 1, her professionalism - she makes sure to understand the project, provide execution guidelines and then executes on time.

Number 2 - she focuses on results. We hired her for a few different projects that required her to organize a twitter chat and coordinate influencer campaigns. She not only accomplished the task at hand, but provided helpful recaps that met and surpassed our goals.

Number 3 - her honesty and transparency. Lisa discloses what a client needs to know - cost, time and projected results. This alleviates the amount of surprises that can take place in projects.

Number 4 - her real world experience. She operates from what she's already done and know, making her a an effective partner for social media and influencer projects.

Thanks Lisa, for all your contributions to The Collective! I cannot recommend you enough!

Mary Vallarta, Co-Founder of The Collective Affair & Fab Counsel

Lisa Linh
Lisa Linh

Phoenix Ha

The fashion industry is ever changing with new challenges that arise daily. We are thrilled to have Lisa Linh on our team, as she expertly adapts to any hurdles thrown her way.

Lisa provides thorough calendars, social platform strategies, refreshing ideas specifically catered to our brand, all with a positive and focused attitude.

Strong attributes are what we look for in our team members, and Lisa displays several characteristics that promote a healthy and effective work environment.

Supra Footwear is one of her many accounts, but you would never know. Lisa is consistent in her attentiveness to the brand, tasks, and responsiveness. Due to her experience, both from a brand perspective and a successful individual in the social marketing space, Lisa is an asset to the team.

We highly recommend Lisa in any professional space! Hire her or you’re a loser.

Phoenix Ha, Marketing Analyst of SUPRA Footwear

Lisa Linh
Lisa Linh

Ferial Moloo

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Lisa. Her work on our social platforms and Internet marketing made a significant difference to our digital presence.  She provided and executed excellent ideas to increase the collective's social media presence across multiple platforms.  We've worked with Lisa on many projects including Twitter parties, social media coverage of the collective conference, influencer relations, and Instagram campaigns.  I highly recommend Lisa to anyone for her outstanding digital marketing services.

Ferial Moloo, Co-Founder of The Collective Affair

Lisa Linh