By Lisa Linh offers consulting, content creation services, and influencer scouting customized to your brand's needs. From assisting in conceptualizing campaigns, offering tips & advice to bloggers and brands, and capturing a brand's identity through storytelling, Lisa and her team can do it all. With high-quality assets and a quick turnaround time of less than two-weeks, let us take the load off you!




Feeling stuck with your social media? Need help rebranding or coming up with concepts? Let's talk about it! (Open to influencers and brands)

1) 30-minute consultation via phone starts at $50 per call

2) 1-hour consultation via phone or in person (for LA or OC residents only) starts at $125 per call/visit

Monthly consultation packages are also available and customized to your needs. Please email me for further details.

*By Lisa Linh offers FREE 1-hour  consultation when you sign up for any of the other services provided.


Content Creation


Content creation can be stressful and let me tell you, it is certainly time consuming as well. Camera equipment is also pricey, but luckily for you, we have everything you'll need to create amazing, captivating imagery to attract new customers. With less than 2-week turnaround times, let us tell your story through high-quality imagery and videos!


Rates are based on terms of contract. All packages are customizable to suit your needs and additional options are available.

Package A: 1-month (10 images for social usage only) / Package B: 3-months (40 images - for social and digital usage; 1 x 30-second video for Instagram) / Package C: 6-months (80 images - for social and digital usage; 1 x 1-minute video for Instagram)



Influencer Scouting

Need help finding influencers for an upcoming campaign or don't have the time to surf through Instagram to find the perfect candidates? Let us do it for you.

As an influencer myself, I have a great network of creatives that I can recommend based on your requirements for the campaign.

E-mail introductions are done by our team once you select who you wish to work with. We'll save you the time and can most likely reach the influencer quicker since there's already a relationship between us. 

Rates are based per campaign, amount of influencers required, and turnaround time. Please email me for further details. 

Feel free to use the below contact form to schedule a service, ask a question, and/or get estimates. 

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