Need someone to talk it out with? We're all ears.

We can go over your socials, your ideas, your brand or even do a simple Q&A to help you get focused in the right direction. We're available for 30-minute and 1-hour sessions via phone or in-person (for LA/OC locals).

All meetings must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. 


Marketing Strategies

You have an idea but not sure how to execute it. Let us guide the way!

This package includes the creation of a roll-out plan that your team will be able to implement (training included). Monthly analysis and follow-up will be provided to ensure your hitting target goals.

Plan is best for those who've had their start-up for less than 1 year, are in the process of re-branding, and understand that they have to put in work as well for the strategies to be successful.




Don't have an in-house photographer or don't have the time to create the content?

Let us do it for you. We have staffed photographers, videographers, and stylists who can help you create the imagery you need.


Influencer Marketing

Let us locate your influencers for you with our exclusive network of bloggers. 

As an influencer myself, I am well-versed and understand how to connect to an audience. I am available for influencer campaigns, as are my teammates, however we also have a large personal network we can referral you to. 

E-mail introductions can be made on your behalf so that you only spend time with those who are willing to work with your brand. We'll save you the back and forth logistics, and only reach out to influencers you approve of.