Things You Shouldn't Do Before Leaving The Country

T-minus 8 hours before we take off and I just finished packing, after re-packing my luggage about 20 times (since last week). So much for getting a head start!

This is going to be my longest flight to date and the first time I'm visiting Asia. I'm excited, nervous, and paranoid at the same time, although the paranoia only started after my parents kept telling me stories about people getting kidnapped and/or getting really sick from the food they've eaten while in Asia. Anyone else's parents like to scare the shit out of you before you travel? 

Despite planning the trip since February and having over 8 months to plan, I still ended up fucking up and want to make sure you don't make the same mistake.

Here are a few things you shouldn't do before that trip out of the country:

1. Try to book all the flights yourself - unless you're an expert traveller: If you're flying to multiple countries (for the first time), it is probably a lot less stressful and easier if you book through a travel agency. I spent the first 4 to 5 months trying to plan the entire trip myself, tracking flights and figuring out time frames of when we land and where we can transfer within the airport. Needless to say, if I had went ahead and booked all the flights myself, I probably would've had a complete meltdown and fucked up because of time zones. Spend a little more and use an agent.

2. Underestimate the weather: I did my research and knew that October is known to be monsoon season for most Asian countries. However, I also read some where that it wasn't a huge deal and that rain was going to be light towards the end of the month.

What I didn't do until about a week ago, is actually look up the weather in the cities we were traveling to. In result, I had to re-think what I was going to wear and bring. This meant rethinking what I was going to wear on the trip and re-strategizing how to pack. Basically, I ended up spending more time and energy than needed if I had knew ahead of time what to truly expect (weather wise). Common sense, but it totally slipped my mind - so do your research throughly!

3. Forget about the visa: Yep, the one thing that fucked me over this last weekend was realizing that I needed a visa for Vietnam. I remember looking it up at the beginning of the year but I think I assumed that the travel agency would also tell us if we needed one, but they didn't.

We were notified about the required visa last Friday and from Saturday morning to now, we were able to get a rushed visa (which wasn't cheap). You are required to have a visa to board the plane to Vietnam and from what we've heard, there's been plenty of cases of people missing their flights because they didn't have the visa. I'm thankful for my amazing friends who travel so often for helping me out with this situation over the weekend! 

If you're in need of a visa to Vietnam, here are the suggested websites I got from my friends:

4. Not notify anyone that you're leaving: If you're planning to use our credit card and phone overseas, make sure to tell them. I spent a couple of hours last week calling up my credit card companies, banks, and phone carrier to let them know I'll be traveling. Last thing you want is your card frozen while you're half way across the world or getting surprise charges on your next phone bill. 

Heads up, if you're under T-mobile, Vietnam is not a covered country under any of their plans and it's about $5/minute for talk. Also, if you have a Chase account, apparently Thailand OR Vietnam is on their high fraud risk list (they wouldn't tell me which one), so they cannot make a notation on your account that you're traveling. That doesn't mean you can't use your card, but it'll be a bit of a hassle. They'll be alerting you and you'll most likely have to call to confirm purchases during your trip. Depending on the account you also have with Chase, it's a 3% finance fee for ATM withdrawals and purchase (I think). Double check before you go.

5. Stress: honestly, I was so stressed out from a month ago to today about the entire trip. Everyone told me not to and to enjoy the trip but I'm a planner so naturally, when things aren't organized, I freak. We literally booked our Thailand hotel last week and that's probably the latest I've ever waited to book a place! As hard as it is, really try NOT to stress because it just makes you freak out and in the end, everything will always work out. Shout out to Phoenix for always telling me to "breathe" and sending me "you got this" texts - and KSOLE for being the great BF he is and always asking what I needed help with <3

A few ways to relax during the planning of your trip:

  • Get a massage cause yes, you deserve one
  • Burn sage/candles/incenses because certain smells do help relax you - or use a lavender room spray 
  • Meditate (Headspace is a good one)
  • Go out with the girls! Have a blast and don't think about the trip at all the entire night (yep, I dare you)

Alright, time to double check everything and chill out before heading to the airport. Make sure to follow along on Instagram for all the fun we're going to have on our trip! 

Staying True to Yourself
B Collection by Bobeau dress

B Collection by Bobeau dress

I've been asked numerous of times, "how do you stay true to yourself while growing your brand?" It may be hard, especially when you are starting out.

The money will always be there, tempting you and making you question whether you want to take that deal/collaboration/project, but you have to really think whether it is worth it. By that, I mean is it worth ruining your brand image, worth risking your beliefs or core values, worth turning your back on your followers? The answer should be no. It should always be no, but how do you keep true to yourself without feeling the struggle or pressure of society - or rent? Let's be real here, we often sell ourselves out because of lack of confidence and security. 

Let me get down to the gritty truth, I haven't stayed true to myself and for awhile, I tried to fit in with everyone else. I was concerned about my image, how people were viewing me and this is something I have struggled with since I was a teen. I was also worried about paying my rent on time and my financial situation so I started taking gigs that I really didn't care for. I also went through phases of style, trying to be cool and fit into groups where I didn't belong. I spent a year trying to find myself, testing out things that I knew wasn't me but I figured, hey it'll get me the likes and views. I was desperate to grow my social media presence and completely failed to remember what I really gave a fuck about. It isn't the numbers I care for, it's the amount of influence and the fact that if I can inspire just one person in my lifetime then I am successful. 

I was convinced that my numbers had to be large and that I had to have over 100K to be noticed (aka get paid more) but all along, I had a loyal audience that was listening and I was disappointing them by attempting to fit in. Brands also can tell when you're faking it so my image became diluted and confusing. Some how, I was brainwashed to think that I wasn't good enough and I allowed this thought to suffocate me. I realized that I wasn't being true to myself after a few collaborations and that I was going strictly after the money. I didn't feel good after getting paid for these at all. It's nice to feel safe and secure if I wanted that, I should've stayed at my 9-to-5. 

Blogging is my career choice and something I truly love doing. Whatever your passion is, it should be hours of sleep you are losing and not yourself. 

To end this post, I've rounded up a few of my friends to give their two cents on staying true to themselves and their brand. After all, staying true to yourself is in fact, up to you.

Shout out to my peeps in this industry who are real, true, and faithful to themselves!

"I stayed true to my brand by staying true to myself! In this industry, it's easy to get lost by admiring other people's style or brand, but trying to be someone else will always leave you dissatisfied and unhappy. I learned to really love who I am and what makes me unique. I focused on what makes ME happy."

- Pau Dictado, Blogger

"My main goal is to always remain true to who I am as an individual. My brand had a purpose before I heard anyone's opinion. I have to keep reminding that there are people who not only look up to me as a brand influencer but a life influencer as well. I truly believe those two intertwine with one another. When you're true to your brand, you never run out of content to build."

Michelle Carigma, Influencer

"There are many times when brands feel they need to appeal to the masses, but if a brand knows what allows them to express themselves without obligation, they will learn that there will be minimal boundaries in creative direction.

For zeroUV, we live and die by our relationships. We embrace loyalty and true appreciation. It may seem tacky at times, but if you offer true appreciation towards every type of relationship you come across, your fans and clients will adore you for it."

Brian, Global Brand Director of ZeroUV

"Being a woman of faith, and having a family that taught me never to doubt myself created a strength that I can now truly appreciate.  Early on I needed to maintain a solid boundary line for what's too far versus expression. Sexuality is so many things, but cheap is not one. Mystery and seduction are what draw the eye, so why lay it all out there.

When I re-entered the modeling world, my mom sat me down and dissected each potential scenario that would come my way. I have never felt comfortable being hyper sexualized, so having my mother potentially view those photos was never worth the number of followers or likes I could obtain. I wanted to be different. I wanted to set a new standard. So when photographers wanted to collaborate, or my agents wanted to send me out, I wanted to make it very clear that a new bar would be set. That strength in imagery was far more persuasive and engaging than my ass in a thong. I've turned down numerous shoots, and work to keep this line clear. My DMs are not flooded with men or women sending vulgar or crude messages. I'd like to say it's because of the work I've put out and the guidance I've been graciously given, and choose to follow each day. Integrity and solid moral ground is way sexier than any picture of my body can give you."

- Phoenix Ha, Model

"My "brand" is me. Nothing more. Nothing less. Then again, I don't do this for any other reason than to create with likeminded people, so it's easy for me to stay true to myself because I don't have a certain "image" to keep up with. I'm not out here trying to please anyone. I say I'm a hyper-creative and not a blogger/influencer/dapper/streetwear or any of those other limiting descriptive labels. My "style" and everything I post is a direct reflection of that."

Francis Kenneth, Hyper-Creative.

"In this new-aged social media world where being a "blogger" has now become a type of typical and standard thing to do, I think it's important more so now than ever to be the individual you are and let that shine through your personality. Many times I have heard comments about how my quirky and different style and sense isn't that of the "typical" fashion blogger and thus would not appeal to the masses. Yet the longer I've been in this blogging world, I've come to realize that being me and wearing what I want to wear (and that I actually get excited to wear) is what makes me who I am as a blogger today."

- Elaine, Blogger

"In a nutshell, I think branding is all about consistency mixed with innovation. Keeping yourself relevant, maintaining your image, and reinventing yourself within those boundaries are all things I try to strive for. As long as there is upward momentum in where you are taking your brand. You should remember to stay creative and never become stagnant. That's how I brand myself."

Jenn Wu, Photographer

"As a consumer I make a split second judgement on a person's level of authenticity in a post. I try not to overthink as I create content because my instincts are usually in line with how I really feel. Also, I make sure I'm not posting just to post. If I have nothing to say, it's ok."

Meagan Kong,
Dancer and Fitness Influencer

"I run by a very high level of authenticity. Maybe sometimes too much so. And it's SO important - especially now. For me it's two reasons.... 
1. Why wouldn't I? Pretending to be someone else is ridiculous and a ton of work. It's much easier to speak from my heart and share the truths I live by. 
2. We are in a huge age of transparency and no one wants to do business with a fake. People can smell BS (even through the internet) and know who is being real vs. who is just putting on a show. 
Personally, I have zero desire to engage with anyone who is not authentic."

Bri Seeley, founder of The Inspirational Woman Project and Transformational Coach

"Authenticity, for me, has always come from within. I hope I don’t sound too crazy for saying this — but I have very deep conversations with my inner voice. I listen to it with intent, because it’s a voice that drowns out the rest. Learning to believe and embrace that inner voice has led me to where I am now. This is more important than ever, as we continue to find ourselves and meaningful life experiences in a world full of distractions and distracting voices"

Tommy Lei, Influencer

"Here are a few ways I stay true to myself and my brand ...
1. Collaborating with brands that fit my life styles/personal styles. Yes, its great to get paid to post. However, I always test out the product first before agreeing. For an example, I had a teeth whitening company that paid me to post but I wanted to test the product first. The product ruined my gums and gave me a bad reaction. I told the company I can not share this with my followers and lie and say "its an amazing product you all should try!"
2. Showing my true personality and sharing real life events thru my captions.
3. Respond to your fans/followers. I LOVE getting DM's by my followers and having a real conversation with them or answering any questions they have.
4. Make time for family/friends.
5. Don't OVER photoshop. a lot of times when I meet people in this industry they don't always look like what they do in photos. Recently, I posted a photo with out airbrushing my butt & happily showed off my stretch marks..
6. Lastly stay HUMBLE! "

- Autumn Marie, Blogger

Photo by Justin Quebral
Fall in Love with Yourself, Again
Vera Bradley Purse | BooHoo Dress | Charles David Heels | Bebe Choker

Vera Bradley Purse | BooHoo Dress | Charles David Heels | Bebe Choker

Sometimes, you catch the elevator just in time and on other days, you miss the train by just a few minutes, thanks to traffic. Life is not fair; it is not easy but it is only as hard as you make it to be. As humans, we are meant to feel emotions and yes, sometimes that includes pain. We can easily hide, deflect, and dismiss the majority of the things we don't want to deal with. However, there is one thing you can't deny nor should you even try, and that is loving yourself.

My favorite Lucille Ball quote is, "Love yourself first and everything else will fall into line." If you don't already know, Lucille Ball is my idol. She didn't have an easy childhood, she grew up determined to better herself and put 100% in everything she did. She never once allowed anyone to stop her, despite being ridiculed, criticized, and consistently told "no". Hell, she was even accused of being a communist at one point and she handled the media's accusations like a champ. Her strength, passion, and love for herself is why I look up to her. 

Lucy had the right idea, she didn't care if anyone else believed in her as long as she believed in herself. She never gave up on herself and sometimes, life's toughest obstacles can help you realize that you are your number one fan - and why shouldn't you be?

It's tough, we all fall into that trap of what we think we should be doing versus what we truly want to do. We naturally want to please our friends and family members, make them proud, and we end up putting their happiness before ours. While it is great to always think of the people you love first, you can't allow yourself to fall behind. 

In the last few months, or should I say my entire summer, I was able to reconnect with myself and realize what is most important to me. I realized that time spent with people I love the most is precious and that despite being a hustler, I need a break from my phone more than once a week. I can't always work 50+ hour weeks and our bodies aren't made to keep up with a routine like that. We need sleep, we need to rest, and in this digital age, we need to learn to disconnect - without feeling guilty the next day about it.  

On the other hand, you also have to prioritize and while I was rediscovering who I was all summer, I failed to keep up a well balanced schedule. Unfortunately, I'm now paying the price for my lack of self care while I was busy out exploring and going on adventures. I have never had problems with my skin before, acne was normal as a teenager, but I would have never thought I have to deal with it at the age of 28. My skin is at its worst, I'm getting sick more often, and I haven't been on my A-game with my blog. Also, that fast metabolism that I relied on for years, is slowing down which means I need to pay closer attention to myself. 

I can 100% say that I'm thankful for a great summer filled with new cities and being able to cross off things from my bucket list. Without this summer, I probably would not have realized the things I had taken for granted including myself. I was so focused on achieving goals in a specified timeframe that I created that I started to forget to enjoy life. I ceased to live in the present and was always thinking about the next day, week, or month.

I put pressure on myself and lost sight of myself during the process. I literally had a friend tell me the other night, "I've missed this Lisa. You became so serious and forgot how to have fun, but welcome back." Working your ass off is necessary as an entrepreneur and doing whatever it takes to get to where you want to be isn't a problem. It becomes a problem when all you do is work and all you think about is your career. Becoming obsessive with success and not remembering that you're only human, will only burn you out. My body is telling me, loud and clear, that I need to reevaluate and take a step back. It's about time that I listen.

In the last couple of weeks, I have changed my lifestyle with subtle adjustments here and there. Starting with the time I go to bed, the amount of sleep I get, and pushing myself to drink more water. I also have come to accept that my acne is bad, I can't keep hiding it under makeup (or Snapchat filters) and that I need to do something about it. Meaning, I need to eat healthier and exercise regularly. I also have to pay closer attention to what I'm putting on my face. I love myself too much to allow myself to quit, but that also means knowing when to call it a night too. 

This summer, I learned how much I like hiking and that I prefer to skip the small talk. I fell in love with myself through weekend getaways and week long travels to cities that I've never been to before, with friends that I absolutely adore. I also learned to balance out my schedule, skipping events to meet deadlines and learning to say "no" to projects that would stress me more than benefit me. By falling back into love with myself, I was able to start living the life that I am blessed to have versus lusting over the life I wish I had. The first step is to accept and allow, acknowledge that it's OK to not answer every email on time, to put your phone on silent when you're at the dinner table, and that taking a vacation shouldn't make you feel bad. We're all so hard on ourselves when there's no reason to be.

There's no such thing as a perfect life, there's a well balanced life that you create and control, and it all starts with making sure that you take care of you first. 

Happy Monday! Let's kick October's ass.

Forgive Yourself
Palm Springs The Jetset Diaries By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
The Jet Set Diaries Las Perlas Slip Dress By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
Palm Springs By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
Dress: Jetset Diaries | Shoes: JustFab

Dress: Jetset Diaries | Shoes: JustFab

The Jetset Diaries by Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
The Jetset Diaries by Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
Photos by Francis Kenneth

Photos by Francis Kenneth

As a stubborn Capricorn who consistently broke her curfew growing up and refused to ask for help during her worst times, it is really hard for me to admit when I am wrong. Before I continue, let's clarify that I am and will never apologize for being myself and you should never have to. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. 

However, to truly love yourself and be able to love someone else, you have to accept yourself. Everyone has their own inner demons to battle, their own vices to deal with, and flaws they hate about themselves. I have a laundry list of things I particularly don't like about myself and would like to change. But the reality of it is, all of these things I hate about myself may be things that my friends, family, and future significant other may love. "One's man trash is another man's treasure" right? 

In the last 28 years, I've learned to love parts about myself and have slowly changed my perception on my upbringing. In turn, this allows me to move forward and grow in a more positive manner.  I wasn't rich, I wasn't necessarily poor, but I grew up in a household that certainly shaped the way I look at life, love, friendship, and family. 

I was bullied for 3 years straight in middle school, literally running from bullies and took alternative routes when walking home to avoid people. I went to high school and became more of an introvert, which caused me to jump from relationship to relationship. Always searching for comfort and the idea of love. Truth was, I was scared of being alone. 

As I got older, I began to learn and understand that things do happen for a reason. What we choose to tackle is solely on ourselves, but we often feel pressured to resolve everyone else's issues and make others happy - all the time. 

My problem isn't to resolve my parent's marriage or to even bother coming up with an excuse for their behavior. I have to stop blaming them and appreciate the fact that what I went through, has made me who I am today. Despite all the troubles, heartache, and tears, at the end of the day family is family. Same goes for your best and closest friends who have been there for you, even if you refused to listen to their advice (time after time). The people who love you, truly love you, will always be there for you - no matter what. 

I finally started putting myself first in the last month. I was so worried about how people would perceive me, the breakup that went on, and what thoughts or rumors would occur. Yet at the end of the day, opinions don't pay my bills. People leave, people start rumors, go to the extreme and do petty things to try to hurt you - and sometimes it works. It surely worked against me and it took me weeks before I finally realized that all I could do is just forgive myself.

I spent the last few years attempting to mold myself into someone else's idea of the perfect partner. While we started on the same page, we fell apart along the way and that's OK. Who I am is who I will always be and I can't apologize for that. I try my best everyday to be better than who I was yesterday and that's all anyone can realistically expect. That's all I will ever expect from my friends and family members. 

To end off this post, before I end up rambling forever, I just want to remind you (as much as myself) that you are perfect the way you are. Someone loves you, someone does love you for your flaws and all. Don't be too hard on yourself, be realistic. Forgive yourself, love yourself, and always make sure that YOU are happy. 

Pushing Yourself Outside The Comfort Zone
American Eagle Straight Destroy Denim By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
American Eagle Karen Kane By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
Karen Kane Off The Shoulder Top By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
American Eagle Straight Destroy Jeans By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
Karen Kane Off the Shoulder Top By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
American Eagle By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
Hair Flip By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh

Photography by Jennifer

"It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it." --Lou Holtz

If you've read my post, "Push Pause", and if you follow me on Snapchat, you've figured out that a chapter of my life has recently ended. Change is never easy, but it isn't the situation that affects you. It's how you handle the situation and the outcome of your own behavior. You can tell a lot about a person by how they choose to handle tragedy, heartbreak, and stress. Some choose to bottle up their feelings, others choose to lash out. Me, on the other hand, I like to channel all my energy into something productive and challenging. 

For the last few weeks, I have continuously pushed myself further and further away from my own comfort zone. I've surprised myself quite a bit and will have to say, I am overall thankful for all that I'm going through. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to overcome a few fears such as shooting with someone new (professionally) and entrusting others with creative direction/concepts. Letting go, for a control freak like me, is extremely hard. Thankfully, I'm surrounded by the best and most talented people so I pretty much lucked out. 

Another fear I'm slowly getting through is my fear of flying and heights. Yes, I am scared of flying but the fastest way to get around is in the air right? I'm learning to deal with the anxiety I get when I fly and it helps a lot to fly with my closest friends. As for heights, while I'm not ready to ride a roller coaster yet, I am getting used to scenic hikes (the ones that require me to climb higher than I'm used to). 

In retrospect, I needed something to push me and this is probably the most effective way to motivate me. It's always the one thing you least expect that will change your perspective. This was it and while it hurts, it was necessary.

At this point, nothing is out of my reach and I have no problem putting in the work. I have my eyes set on some ambitious goals that I hope to achieve by the end of this year. Stay tuned for new content, concepts, and more collaborative projects!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who have been sending me the sweetest notes, comments, Snapchats, and emails. You guys keep me going and I wouldn't have gotten this far without your support. Thank you<3

What Motivates Me?
L'Agence Taila Tiered Racerback Maxi Dress White Kenneth Cole Jacket By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
L'Agence Taila Tiered Racerback Maxi Dress White Kenneth Cole Jacket 2 By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
L'Agence Taila Tiered Racerback Maxi Dress White Kenneth Cole Jacket Grey City Sandals By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
L'Agence Taila Tiered Racerback Maxi Dress By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
If it doesn't excite you, if it doesn't scare you then is it worth it?
L'Agence Taila Tiered Racerback Maxi Dress Grey City Sandals By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh

Barriers and obstacles are meant to be overcome. Walls are meant to be climbed and even if you fall, at least you've tried.

The key to success is to never give up and most importantly, to never give in. It's only human nature to have self doubt from time to time, especially in a world where comparison is inevitable. 

My boyfriend asked me the other day, what motivates you? You would think I would have an answer ready at hand but I really had to think about it. As I have previously said over and over again, on social media and to friends/family, I don't do this for the money.

So what motivates me? What keeps me going? First off, I love writing. I took creative writing classes, aced all my essays, was on the yearbook committee and school newspaper. In fact, I still have several of my old journals dated back to middle school! As they say, you either excel at math or English in school and I'm sure you know which subject I was better at. Writing was and still is the best way for me to express myself. Therefore, my passion for writing is one thing that motivates me to blog. Writing releases my stress and allows me to say what I can't out loud - because IRL I'm actually quite shy and sometimes quiet in large crowds of unfamiliar faces. 

Recently, I changed my mindset. I used to live life by expectations of my parents and social standards. However, the idea of having no ceilings and living life according to you is a lot less stressful guys. While it's not completely realistic to be as spontaneous as you want, it is doable to work hard and play hard versus working to play. Working to live and living to work, I'm not allowing myself to fall into this pattern. Instead, I'm motivated by the fact that everything I have now is what I used to want. Therefore, if I want to continue to better myself, I have to keep going! Remind yourself often that you've come this far and there's no reason to fall backwards. There is no way but up.

Also, on a side note, my grandfather (who passed when I was 12) is another key motivator. He was full of life, always had a smile on, even when he was fighting diabetes. My grandfather was an active man, in the community and with his family. He believed in education, tradition, and always looked so stylish. He never gave up and that is why I can never allow myself to quit. 

Lastly, I'm motivated by the opportunity. The opportunity to inspire, the opportunity to use my voice to motivate and the opportunity to help people/causes that I truly believe in. The opportunity that this path will lead me to do things I've dreamed of and allow me to see places I've always wished to visit. 

For the love, for the passion, for family, friends, and for the opportunity, this is what motivates me and pushes me to do what I do.

So what motivates you?



Learning to Love Yourself

About two years ago, I wrote a post in regards to insecurities. It was a post written with emotions, an indirect response to a rude comment I had received earlier that week. It was also a post that I did not think would resonate as well as it did.

Two years later and I'm still struggling with a few insecurities, after all, who really takes their own advice? While my mentality has strengthen and I don't let too much get to me, I cannot say that I'm 100% happy with myself. However, is anyone 100% satisfied and content with themselves at any given point or should we be continuously striving to do better? To better ourselves everyday?

I don't believe there is a right or wrong answer to that. What I can say (for myself), is that I am a never ending project.

Self confidence is a hard issue to tackle and as a blogger, our goal is to inspire others and to encourage you to love yourself. But, let's be real - there are some days where you will hate how you look, feel like you have nothing to wear, and you just want to hide away. I have to admit that I've felt like this more often lately due to a nasty acne break out on my face. I've honestly called myself ugly over and over again, while trying to conceal it with a ton of makeup. I've even have a way to take photos so that the right side of my face is never really showing. You've probably noticed it in my most recent Instagram photos. I've had a treatment done, along with a facial, and have been using acne products to combat it - but as of now, I'm losing this battle (and it seriously SUCKS guys). 

I would love to hide under the blankets until this acne clears, however, I would then be broke and unable to pay my bills. The reality is, if we all ran and hid from our problems, we would never be happy. The key is to focus on the bigger picture. More than likely, we're the only ones noticing and obsessing over our so-called flaws. It's easier said than done, especially with social media but likes and the number of followers does not define you.

We've become more and more obsessed over looks instead of substance. I am guilty of doing so as well, especially being a blogger. We fuss and stress over what to wear to events, who has seen us in what outfit already, and making sure we always look "picture perfect." Of course, FaceTune and Photoshop helps a lot and filters trick us into thinking that everyone looks fabulous on Instagram. I catch myself from time to time comparing myself to these Instagram photos and forget that it probably isn't even how they really look! Remember guys, you can't trust anything you see online anymore, lol. 

The point is, YOU are perfect the way you are. I am perfect - even with acne. It's hard to do, but wake up each morning and tell yourself that you are perfect, you love yourself, and that you are flawless. Beyonce does it and we all want to be like Queen Bey right? All jokes aside, don't let anyone rain on your parade or tell you otherwise, especially you. We continuously kick ourselves for our flaws but in reality, the little things that we may hate about ourselves are things that others love about you. 

Go ahead, tackle the day and slay!




Fighting Procrastination

Details: A&F top, Lulu*s hat, Fifteen Twenty shorts and Clarks shoes

Details: Camp Collection tank and shorts

Kickin' myself to the curb - actually out of bed this morning, and fighting my heavy urge to procrastinate. After a weekend in Palm Springs, and for those who went to Coachella, you know this feeling I'm having at the moment. Can it just be Friday again?

Despite the ease of staying in bed, I do have deadlines for this week and the short turnaround times are forcing me to get up! After all, I have bills to pay and I'm sure you can relate.

So if you're struggling, like me, here are a few things you can try to get motivated this Monday.

1. Break It Down

Create a to-do list, write down your deadlines, and your timelines! Writing down what you need to do with designated time frames will keep you focus, on-track, and organized. It'll also make you feel better when you cross things you've finished from that list!

2. Change It Up

Get out of the house, go to your favorite coffee shop, and refresh yourself. Sometimes working elsewhere will motivate you more and help inspire you.

3. Talk It Out

Surround yourself with people who share the same passion and/or hang around those who inspire you. Being around likeminded individuals and those who are where you want to be, can really motivate you to get your ass to work. 

4. Breathe and Go

Take a step back, relax, and breathe. Just know that you will get through this, you got it babe! Whatever obstacles you have right now, shake it off and get going. Just do it! You'll feel a lot better, trust me. 

Now, get off your phone/laptop and get started! Happy Monday!