Just That Simple with Simply Makeup

I'll be the first to admit that I would rather sleep in than spend 2 hours every morning to get ready. I've never had to spend more than 30 minutes to put my "face" on and I would like to keep it that way. Luckily, Simply Makeup has products that makes my life easier and allows me to get in and out of the bathroom on time. 

My daily look is simple: eyeliner with falsies, brows shaded in, bronzer, some blush, and underneath all that, my foundation. You can imagine how rushed I can get in the morning when I'm trying to snag every minute of sleep. Sometimes I have less than 30 minutes, including a shower! I've been in the market for a setting spray to ensure that my face doesn't get too messed up throughout my long days and I'm so glad to have found the All-Set Setting Spray by City Color. Yeah, I'll admit I've never heard of it before but can't judge a book by its cover because it works! I can run around LA for 12 hours and my face will still look good by the time it's dinner. I love it and the plus side? It's so affordable! 

So let's talk about how lazy I really am at night. I don't have a nightly routine, other than struggle to get to the bathroom to take out my contacts and wipe off the makeup. Of course I take a much deserved hot shower and brush my teeth before bed too. Luckily, I can use Skinlite Make-up Cleansing Tissues to speed up the process. With just one wipe, I can take off my entire face and it's gentle enough for the eyes. I love it when things are easy. 

From day to night, I got it covered but what about that lip color? There hasn't been an all day lasting lippie that I've loved lately until I found these. City Color Be Matte Lipstick in Felicia and Berry are my go-to lately. First, I like the packaging. It's slim and fits in my purse easily. Secondly, they last a good few hours before requiring touch ups. Who has time to keep reapplying every hour right? I think I reapplied it twice during a 10 hour day, that includes drinking 2 drinks! Not bad right? I'm kind of itching to get more colors now!

Overall, Simply Makeup makes it easy to shop all your beauty needs in one place. Shipping was super fast and the quality is amazing. Not to mention the affordability! By the way, beauty products are always a good gift giving idea ;)