Quitting Your 9-to-5: Are You Ready?

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Mickey and Jenny Tunic By Lisa Linh Lisa Linh
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How do you know when to quit? When should you make the leap into full-time blogging? What are the signs that I'm ready to take the risk? 

I'm often asked these questions by those who are unsure if they're ready to jump into blogging full-time. I've been there and I completely understand the feelings you may currently have. While each situation is different, I do believe there are a few common signs you'll start seeing when you're ready. 

Are you constantly daydreaming at work? You start drifting off in your own thoughts, thinking about what you could be doing for your blog. You start having a major itch and wonder why you're working so hard for someone else instead of yourself. I worked full-time for nearly 10 years and the last 1.5 years included managing my blog (after work and on weekends). You certainly lose a lot of sleep this way! Squeezing in photoshoots, attempting to meet deadlines, and trying to network while having a 9-to-5 is tough. However, it is doable but the minute you start wondering why you're at work instead of working towards your own dreams/goals - take that as the first sign!

I got to the point of resenting work, calling in sick more often and dreaded waking up everyday. I was miserable and I couldn't shake the idea of working for myself. But I had doubts and fears as I was uncertain on how I would be able to support myself financially. I started talking about the idea of quitting with my boyfriend and best friends. I talked about it so often that they began to push me on the idea and kept asking me, "what's stopping you?" Excuses aside, I'm so grateful and appreciative of their support. It was their love that pushed me towards the right step. As soon as you start obsessing over an idea, it usually means that you really want it. At that point, you are only preventing yourself from doing it.

Giving up the idea of security seems dangerous and the one thing that society tells us to have is a plan B....and a savings account. I had none. I lived paycheck to paycheck and while I'm not 100% on track with my financial goals yet, I can say I'm 110% happier than I've ever been. Also, money isn't everything. As long as you can pay your bills, rent, car and all those adult things without starving, then you're doing OK.

As Jhene Aiko says in the song "Talk Show" - 

See I’m a real woman
A women that doesn’t need much but
Appreciates a whole lot


Lastly, I knew that I had to quit because I realized that if I didn't do it now, then I would never do it. There isn't a time or age limit to chasing your dreams, but I personally felt that it was now or never. Again, this is up to your own personal discretion and each situation varies. As they say, trust your guts and don't ignore the signs. You'll know when you're ready and when it is your time, you're going to kill it ;)