OOTD: Queen of Hearts

When I first gambled in Vegas, I played the only game I knew about - Blackjack. The rules were simple and how to win was easy, yet the game itself was such a risk. It reminds me of life and the decisions we often make - do you hit or do you stay? 

It's been almost two weeks that KSOLE has been gone, on vacation, on the other side of the world. Had you fooled with all these posts though right? We planned ahead :) He's gone for 3 weeks and it is the longest time we've been apart since we've been together. While I've loved spending time with my friends, I do miss him terribly. There is no one else who gets me and my weird logics, thoughts, and laughs at my stupid mistakes like he does. The time difference has been quite annoying, but as much as I miss him, I am glad he is exploring and enjoying his vacation. He needs a refresh, a new environment and viewpoint to inspire himself. I just can't wait for him to get back! 

So before he left, we had the chance to shoot this sweater and skirt combo on the rooftop of a DTLA building. The high slit makes it extremely sexy but the oversized sweater helps tones down the appeal. I would say it's suitable for an office party. 

I love the feel of this Tobi sweater and yes, those holes were made on purpose. The skirt from Hot Miami Styles was the perfect pairing as the sweater helps hide the slit a bit, but if you dare, wear a crop top instead and show them legs off girl! 

Rounding back to my introduction, life is about making mistakes and finding resolutions to your problems. I have quite a few issues I have yet to resolve, that I actually ignored for way too long. With my recent accident (see IG for details), I realized that blessings do come in disguises and to not take anything for granted. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone! 

[Details] Tobi sweater, Hot Miami Styles skirt, and F21 heels.