Netflix and Chill

Yep, I used it. The popular phrase that has people going crazy, but hey, this is a "Netflix and chill" type of outfit. By that, I do mean watching movies/TV shows at home with KSOLE and spending a Friday night in. 

With cooler nights, where I actually get chilly now, I have my go-to cardigan from PacSun that keeps me cozy all night long. While the weather hasn't called for heavy coats yet, this cardigan is certainly a great alternative for layering up. Paired up with a simple black and white look, and Forever 21 flats, this piece of outerwear certainly amped up my look. 

How many other people actually prefer staying in on a Friday night instead of partying? Is it just me or is it because I'm getting old? Hah. Either way, staying cozy or shall I say "Team Cozy" is always my preferred option. 

[Details] Bishop + Young top, Forever 21 flats, ZeroUV sunglasses, and PacSun cardigan.