OOTD: All of Me

Love, that four letter word that can mean the world to you and can hurt you badly. I've had my share of relationships in which I thought I was in love but it was nothing more than lust - until KSOLE. Learning, growing, and motivating the person you love and receiving it back is a feeling that cannot be explained. Defining love is hard, we all know what it is but have different definitions of it. To me, love is being able to accept, forgive, and be honest with another person without ever being judged. Being able to trust them and rely on them without question. Yet you do not lose yourself within the relationship; love enhances you and should not drain you. How do you define love?

With Valentine's Day around the corner, this week is all about V-day looks! Starting with this Lulu*s deep v-neck dress paired with strappy heels from AMI Clubwear. This number will certainly  catch your date'e eye ;) The length of this dress is perfect for me (I'm 5'4") and the flowy bottom will hide any after dinner bulge. Don't forget your jacket but other than that, you're ready for your hot dinner date!

[Details] Lulu*s dress, AMI Clubwear heels, and Onna Ehrlich leather clutch 
Location: The Avalon Hotel // Catalina Island