His & Her: Swimming with Fishes

Giving you double the fun with a "His & Her" style post! We'll be doing these posts ever so often to give you a taste of his style versus mine, plus I like putting KSOLE in front of the camera sometimes :P 

KSOLE & I took a trip to the Long Beach aquarium on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. FYI: tickets are kind of pricey but thank you AAA for the small discount (hah). Of course the place was jam packed with families, crazy kids and people who do not know how to walk but we managed to survive. My goal was to see the penguins and my secondary goal was to snag a stuff penguin home; I only reached one of my goals (damn you KSOLE). Overall, we had a great time and if you don't know by now - KSOLE loves churros so we had to get one before we left. 

P.S. Check out the newest lookbook featuring KSOLE here!

[Details] HIM: Levi's denim jacket, A.P.C. petit standard jeans, Vans, and Culture Riot backpack.
HER: Obey jacket from Lulu*s, G-Stage high waisted shorts, Tobi crop top, and AMI Clubwear booties.