Din Tai Fung

For the last two weeks, I have visited Din Tai Fung about 4-5 times. I'm addicted to their spicy wontons guys. I may need help. My bank account thinks I also need help because let's be honest here, Din Tai Fung isn't exactly cheap. Especially when you live in the San Gabriel/Alhambra area where there are legit dim sum spots all around (for half the price). 

So why do I keep going back to Din Tai Fung when I have access to all these other great spots? Well first, watch the video I made during one of my visits below - 

Okay is your mouth drooling now? Cause mine is. The quality of the food at Din Tai Fung is great and the portion size is doable. Some may complain that it's not enough for the price but between KSOLE and I, we are pretty satisfied every time we leave. Our average bill comes out to about $40-50 for the both us (depending on how hungry we are). 

Here's what we typically order: (3) shrimp and pork spicy wontons - I get 2 orders and KSOLE gets 1; either the pork soup dumplings or the beef brisket noodles and if I'm still hungry, 2 steaming hot taro buns for dessert. 

And when we're impatient and do take-out, it's 3 orders of spicy wontons and taro buns, which is around $30. This is when KSOLE is not too hungry and I devour all this myself (hah). 

I know there are a ton of delicious items at Din Tai Fung but most of the entrees can be found around SGV/Alhambra for cheap. What draws me to their spicy wontons is their sauce. It's just perfect.

To be honest, I've tried the Mama Lu's version and the sauce was too spicy for us. Just our opinion though. Everyone has different tastes and we are addicted to Din Tai Fung's version. However, we're open to suggestions so let us know what's your favorite spot for spicy wontons!