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7 Tips for Working from Home

Monday mornings are usually spent planning for the upcoming week, or at least that’s what my Mondays before 12 PM look like. If you work from home like me, you know how easy it is to plan but how hard it can be to stay focused throughout the day. Distractions happen left and right, and sometimes the most self-disciplined person will fall into lulls of procrastination too.

After plenty of years of trial and error, missed deadlines, and a couple of nights of falling asleep at my desk, I’ve learned how to better manage my time and keep myself focused when I’m at my desk.

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4 Ways to Grow Your Brand on Instagram: Tips from The Workshop

Earlier in February, KSOLE and I flew to Phoenix to attend The Workshop, a conference by Bloguettes. The two-day conference covered a range of topics such as content creation, social media marketing, small businesses, how to start a podcast and so much more. With over 30 different workshops to choose from, there was plenty of knowledge to go around. After all, who doesn't want the secrets to increasing your followers, engagement rate, and taking better pictures? 

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8 Apps To Step Up Your Instagram Game

One of the top three questions I get often on Instagram is, "what app is that? what app did you use for that?" While I don't mind sharing what I'm using, it can get quite repetitive answering the same questions over and over again.

Therefore, I decided to compile my top 8 apps into a blog post so I can just say, "click here" instead :)

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4 Tips to Shake That Creative Block

We all fall into a creative rut once in awhile and while I normally kick myself out of it within a few days, the last month of 2017 ended up being one of the worst creative blocks I've experienced. Granted it was the holiday season so things were hectic, but I had accidentally taken on way too much and therefore, I exhausted myself - mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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5 Things You Shouldn't Do Before Traveling Abroad

This is going to be my longest flight to date and the first time I'm visiting Asia. I'm excited, nervous, and paranoid at the same time, although the paranoia only started after my parents kept telling me stories about people getting kidnapped and/or getting really sick from the food they've eaten while in Asia. Anyone else's parents like to scare the shit out of you before you travel? 

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Scheduling Work Into Your Vacation

If there's one thing I believe I am good at, it is balancing productivity with activities when I'm on vacation. Yeah, it's the one time I'm supposed to relax but let's be real here, when you're the CEO of your own business, you really don't have much of a choice. That is, until you grow into an empire with several employees and a trusted manager to watch over the company when you're gone.

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Why Creatives Should Use PeerSpace

For some of us, the lighting in our apartment isn't great or the space just isn't big enough. The interior may not match the mood or vibe we want for the campaign we're working on and sometimes, we just need a place to knock a couple of looks all at once. 

If you're a brand, especially lifestyle or fashion, PeerSpace makes it a cinch to plan out your lookbooks and campaigns. Knock it all out in one day with PeerSpace.

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3 Ways to Self Promote Without Sounding Like a Broken Record

Self promotion, when done correctly can increase the visibility of your brand and drive more traffic to your blog/website/store, while gaining more followers through the process.

When done badly, you can easily sound like a broken record, become really annoying to your peers, and/or sound like you're just showing off. 

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Creating A Media Kit That'll Seal the Deal

In my opinion, and I believe most brands and PR companies will agree, that is better to have one. It cuts down on the back and forth emailing, as you can just send your kit over and it'll answer all their questions regarding statics and following. It also gives the brand an idea of the quality of work you do, the partnerships you've had, and what they can basically expect from you. Essentially, it is your resume.

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3 Tips for Success

Success is not based on luck; it is not based on how much money you had to start with or what family you were born into. Success is something that is earned, that is given to those who want it badly enough. If you ask me right now if I consider myself successful, the answer is no. I have a long way to go and a lot more to do. I'm still young, we all are, and as Gary Vaynerchuk consistently echoes, "you have to be patient."

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Blog

It is one of the most common questions many bloggers receive; the second most asked is what camera we use (for me - Sony A6000 for videos and D800 for photos). While we all have taken different roads to get here, we all have asked ourselves at least 2 or 3 of these questions below, if not all 5. After all, this industry is competitive, oversaturated, and there's no such thing as overnight success. So are you really up for it? 

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Blogger, Wordpress, or Squarespace?

In the last few months, I have had friends ask me questions about blogging and how they can start blogging. I must say that I love inspiring people to follow their passion and totally get into it when they do ask me. Of course, this isn't a quick 30-minute chat but ends up being at least an hour as I go through the basics. However, the most commonly asked question is which server should I use? So let's go ahead and answer this one for you guys! I'll have another Q&A up later regarding photography, as that was the 2nd most commonly asked category. 

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