Simple Health: Quick Prescriptions & No Office Visits

*This post is in partnership with Simple Health, however all opinions stated are 100% reflection of my views.


Growing up in an Asian household meant that communication was poor, expectations and standards were high, and nothing you did was good enough. At least that was my experience. We never talked about sex, we were expected to learn what we needed from school but even then, resources for birth control pills were limited. Since my medical insurance was through my mother, I was unable to gain access to birth control pills from my regular doctor, which left me with Planned Parenthood. However, the long waits and uncomfortable silence in the waiting rooms wasn’t my idea of a Saturday afternoon.

Fast forward to 10 years later, where I’m hardly in LA and am always on the go, so scheduling an appointment with my healthcare provider has become more of a pain in my – well, you know. I often found myself canceling appointments last minute as other things came up, and yes, I know my health is very important but some opportunities can’t be missed either. While my on-the-go lifestyle isn’t ideal for many, I believe the process of obtaining birth control pills can be understood by most. Who really enjoys going back into the office just for a refill? I know we’re all busy and can better utilize these moments right? Imagine having it delivered to your door instead, no stress, no driving involved, and most importantly, no more time wasted! That is why I love Simple Health. Oh and I forgot to mention, if you don’t have insurance, that is not a problem either.


Did you know that 19 million women in need lack reasonable access to birth control? 25% of women have used their birth control inconsistently to save money – I’m part of this percentage for sure! And 10 million women between the ages of 19 to 64 have no health insurance. If you’re a freelancer/entrepreneur, I know getting health insurance is a struggle and honestly can be quite confusing.

Simple Health truly understands that the health care system puts up barriers that prevent women from obtaining the proper care they deserve. So instead of having to go through a huge mess to get what you need, Simple Health has set up a system that allows you to consult with a doctor online and yes, everything is completely safe, professional, and private. Their OBGYNs and physicians help you find the right birth control that fits your lifestyle or will assist in getting that refill you need.


Instead of having to squeeze in a doctor’s appointment, now I just have to log onto Simple Health and place an order to have it delivered to my doorstep. No more, “OMG I forgot to get a refill!” moments and with shipping always being free, I save more money with Simple Health. Affordability and access for every woman, now that’s something I truly can get behind.

Save yourself the time and stress, and try Simple Health today. Use code BYLISALINH for a free birth control prescription!